Queen Elizabeth’s Epsom Hats: Part 3 1980-1999

After sweeping through Queen Elizabeth’s hats worn to the Epsom Races from the late 1940s until 19643 and from 1965 through the end of the 1970s, we turn our attention today to her colourful hats of the 1980s and 1990s. Again, my thanks to reader Jimbo for his assistance with photo research.

Here are the hats Queen Elizabeth wore to the Epsom races from 1965 to 1979:

1980, 1981 and 1982

1983, 1985 and 1986

1987; 1988 in Frederick Fox; 1989 in Philip Somerville

1990 in Philip Somerville; 1991 in Frederick Fox 

Frederick Fox designs in both 1992 and 1993

1994 and 1995

1996 and 1997

1998 and 1999

What do you notice about Her Majesty’s hats during these two decades?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the last post in this series featuring hats from the past 20 years.

Photos from Wesley/Keystone/Hulton Archive, PA Images, Bob Thomas/Popperfoto, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, David Levenson, Anwar Hussein, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, Martin Keene/PA Images, Tim Graham Photo Library, Tim Graham Photo Library, Bob Thomas Sports Photography, Tim Graham Photo Library, Adrian Dennis and John Stillwell/PA Images all via Getty

13 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s Epsom Hats: Part 3 1980-1999

  1. The 1997 mint green and white hat is one I have never seen. I love the movement of the band and find it quite striking.

    I find these retrospectives incredible to see how the hats morphed over 2 decades. Thank you HQ and Jimbo. Also, Jimbo best of luck on your event this weekend!

  2. First, do we think the 1986 hat was a separate predecessor of this hat (https://royalhats.net/2019/10/15/hat-from-the-past-207/) or was it actually redone for the China visit? (seems unlikely since there were sketches of it) I like the darkened French blue hat paired with the white coat for some color blocking.

    The 1990 black and yellow Somerville hat is probably my favorite of this collection, although 1991’s hat always holds a special place in my heart because of this gem:

    • Polly, the 1980 black and white photo is also a yellow hat! Included is another b/w shot very close up, giving wonderful detail!

      HatQueen, apologies for giving you the wrong photo of 1980. Getty had it dated incorrectly, and it turned out being the 1990 outing. I should have caught that, but my mind is fried these days.

      October, 1980: Tunisia
      Embed from Getty Images

      • No worries, Jimbo. Getty has many mis-dated photos. Between the two of us, I think we’ve figured it out!

        Jimbo has a big family event happening this weekend (if you don’t mind me saying). Wish him and his family well!

  3. I thought the 1995 navy and mustard yellow an odd choice. I looked up some other pictures to see where the mustard fit in and I can’t find it. I am sure it has something to do with her dress but all the pictures show solid navy coat with black or navy gloves and black shoes and handbag. There is no hint of her dress fabric. I like the red from 1981 and the pale green from 1998.

    • Here are some wider view photos of the outfit.

      Your comment reminded me- in 1992, an extended family member built a new house with the interior decorated in white, navy and pale yellow. I remember how we all oohed and aahed over the decor – it was so very ‘au courant’ and seemed so stylish! That navy and yellow colour scheme might have been a short-lived trend but I remember it being very popular in the mid 90s- home decor, weddings, fashion.

      Embed from Getty Images

    • Sue, I hope this helps: Quite an evolution with two hats.

      March 2, 1994: Jamaica (navy/yellow straw hat, no coat) This looks black to me.
      June 5, 1994: Portsmouth (navy/yellow straw hat, navy coat)
      June 11, 1994: Trooping the Colours (yellow straw hat, navy coat)
      August 18, 1994: Canada (yellow straw hat, no coat)
      Embed from Getty Images

  4. One thing that becomes very obvious when you compare Angela Kelly’s hats to those above from 94-96 is how much the Kelly hats obscure HM’s face, especially as HM develops more of a dowager’s hump 😦

  5. I always think the 80s and 90s were the time that style forgot for HM, but lots of these are actually rather nice. I also generally prefer her with a brim, but the iconic yellow 60th birthday beret is one of my favourites of all time. How contrary I am today. I think about 3/4 of these could go into her millinery wardrobe today and not look out of place.

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