Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to June 29, 1970 and a hat worn by Princess Anne that I’m at a loss of words to describe 50 years later. It’s not a tam, nor a bonnet… so dear readers, what is it?!

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Photo from Getty as indicated

29 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. 1970……Hats were dead. Milliners desperate to create something….indeed anything….to recapture a market beyond the old stalwart lady client, gave anything a go. This is a fascinating example and the Princess is the exemplar of my maxim that the best place for an ugly hat is your own head in order that you cannot see it.

  2. Enjoying all the comments! “Concertina Tea Cozy” is a perfect description. HatQueen, have you considered a challenge along the lines of Most Unusual Colour Scheme or Craziest Trim — maybe Most Unusual (or maybe Eccentric?) Hat Design?

    • I have no idea what it is, but I`m more than sure she still has it in herhatbox and it will reappear some day somewhere.

  3. Several hundred years ago, when MrFitzroy was young, nurses always wore hats– and the shape of the hat depended on the college they graduated from…..some were quite unusual. There is a very specific genre of ‘curved bonnet’ nurses hats that this is reminiscent of. It was the first thought that came to mind. Specific images were not forthcoming on Getty, but this one gives a simplified gist –think of it projected into the 70s..


  4. That is so interesting! I actually rather like it on the young princess. With the front hair showing, it takes on an historical feel of a daring French hood or a snood, but then it’s jazzed up to sit higher – like a royal crown.
    The two tone colors are intriguing, the brown highlights the dimensions of it. Would love to see the back of it, looks like a fabric medallion topping it off.
    How fun. She pulls it off well.
    Makes you wonder how it’s anchored on, otherwise, it seems it could slip off easily.

  5. It looks like a cross between an 18th century calèche bonnet and a ‘pill box’ style. As the calèche bonnet was designed to accommodate the very high hair styles of the period, Princess Anne’s hair must have provided some inspiration. Creative!?

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