This Week’s Extras

No surprise, there were no royal hats this week. However, numerous new millinery designs caught my eye:

Palest ice blue straw button percher with embroidered, sequinned tulle overlay and bow by British milliner Lucy Bowler

Taupe and ecru ombre straw cloche with the most exquisite, effortless swirling movement on the extended brim

The Belgian royal family ventured out last Sunday for another day trip, this time to the Adrennes and joined by King Albert and Queen Paola
News from Bhutan’s royal family that the new little prince has been named Ugyen
A trio of lovely portraits released for Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s 9th anniversary

We end this week with a classic British children’s book, read by Princess Anne.

Photos from social media as indicated

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Hmmm, not sure about the Cynthia Jones Bryson. Feathers in those vivid colors look a little Muppet-y, although I can see one of the bolder royal hat wearers (Max) carrying it off. Something about the flying bow of the Michelle Kearns reminds me of an infamous royal wedding hat from 2011. This one is more successful! Lovely detail on the Lucy Bowler percher. Love the wave effect of the Maxim Kobe cloche.

    Great to see the family photos.

    • I just realized why I picked the Cynthia Jones Bryson for Max: she’s gone for these colors before!

      Embed from Getty Images

      Also, forgot to say how much I like the rainbow confetti trim on Sarah Cant‘s design.

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