Monaco Royal Wedding: Other Reigning Royal Houses

With lots more hats to still admire, we continue our look at the July 2, 2011 religious wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with guests from The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Jordan, Thailand and Morocco.

Princess Máxima, as was her title at the time, debuted a hat at this wedding that has since become one of her most-worn pieces. In warm-hued caramel straw, the familiar ‘slice’ shape is sharply upturned on one side that curves back off the face to effectively highlight it. The hat is simply trimmed with a wide Petersham ribbon hatband in the same colour tied in a side bow. The combination of caramel hat and tangerine silk dress was a little out-of-the-box but worked well on Máxima, brilliantly playing of Willem-Alexander’s crisp white tropical dress military uniform.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Natan.

The Countess of Wessex topped her sleek slate grey pleated sheath dress with an exuberant hat. A large grey saucer, placed at a steep incline, the design’s focus was its trim- large sprays of cut feathers in varied shades of grey and finished with a sizable diamanté cluster on the outer side of the hat. The colour variation in the feather trim gave great depth and movement to the hat and while the overall look was monochrome, the sleek lines of the dress contrasted with the hat’s lavish trim to provide enough textural contrast that kept the look anything but flat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. Dress by Amanda Wakeley.

Princess Michael of Kent wore one of her characteristically wide brimmed hats, a finely woven white straw design with low crown and curved brim trimmed with an oversize beigey-blush silk rose under one side of the brim.  You’ll notice no seam at the base of this hat’s crown, its smooth lines flowing out to the brim, like a cloche. The seamless shape creates a downward front curve of the hat, pulling it down visually, and making me really wish the flower was above the brim in a more traditional placement to lift the look. As it is, almost touching Marie-Christine’s shoulder, the flower competes with her amazing necklace. Although, who, am I kidding, we’re all unable to divert our eyes from those sleeves.

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Princess Sara al Faisal of Jordan (second wife of Prince Faisal bin Hussein) brought some colour to this wedding’s fashion with a head to toe look in vibrant magenta. Her button percher, covered in what looks like the same silk as her dress and jacket, was trimmed with a large silk rose and deep burgundy curled cut feather. Different shades of deep pink in the rose trim gave the hat great dimension and saved the overall look from being one-note.

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While not in hats, Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of Thailand and  Lalla Meryem of Morocco and her daughter, Sharifa Lalla Soukaïna Filali, represented their respective countries in exquisitely beautiful national dress that deserves inclusion in our sartorial tour of this event.

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Well, what do you think, dearest readers? Which hats and ensembles stand out here are your favourites?

Jump to this post for an index of other royal hats that appeared at this wedding. 

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5 thoughts on “Monaco Royal Wedding: Other Reigning Royal Houses

  1. All are lovely, Max looks fabulous (like she does 99% of the time)
    Princess Sophie wearing Burgundy is divine, extra cudos for her glorious shoes, and Sophie Wessex looks very well put together,
    Not too keen on Marie’s sleeves… and the shiny fabric is well, very shiny – don’t think it does her any favours

  2. Despite it not being my preferred color scheme, Máxima is my absolute favorite from this wedding! The perfect balance of formality and summer outdoors on the Mediterranean for a wedding. This is Máxima at some of her finest ever. But oh my, I just can’t get over those white shoes for all these military dress uniforms.

    Another favorite from this wedding was Sophie in a hat I would like to see again (I know it was worn to Remembrance Day some years ago, but it deserves another better outing). My only complaint is I wish she had done something different with her hair.

    I agree with HatQueen I wish the large floral trim was on top of Marie-Christine’s hat to balance everything out; as is, it make the underside far too heavy and the hat rather flat on her head. 11 months later she would make a much better hat choice with this outfit for the Diamond Jubilee service:
    Embed from Getty Images

    Princess Sara looks wonderful in this magenta, and yes the different shades in the floral trim bring some nice subtle depth to the monochrome. Another favorite at this wedding (despite not being aware of her hat and attendance previously). And despite no headwear, thanks for including Princesses Sirivannavari Nariratana and Lalla Meryem, and Sharifa Lalla in their national dress; they all are splendidly elegant!

  3. Sophie Wessex gets my vote here. As you say HQ, monochrome ensembles can look flat, or just too much, but here, the sheen and drape of the dress, plus the variation in feathers and judicious placement of sparkle on both hat and dress, lifts it to a different level. I love this hat and think Sophie looked fab!

    • I agree trickymum. Sophie was my best dressed favorite in 2011, and still is. She looked outstanding! That color is so unexpected for a summer wedding, but it works so well. Her hat is so grand and pairs so well with that gorgeous dress. Props to Edward for looking so dapper!

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