Millinery Pheasants

Amidst the stressful realities of life during a pandemic, lighthearted anecdotes are a welcome distraction. Today’s millinery giggle is courtesy of Lady Pamela Hicks.

Photos from Getty as indicated 

6 thoughts on “Millinery Pheasants

  1. My grandmother had a taxidermied male pheasant in her back hall for all of my childhood. Occasionally it even wore one of the children’s straw garden hats if tossed carelessly.

  2. Pamela Hick’s reminiscences are absolute gold, she is a mine of fascinating detail.
    Here’s a fun brief video from 1945 featuring one of the milliners mentioned in the story — “Miss Swerling, Bond St Milliner” The hat design competition reported in the video seems like a lot of fun and no doubt it was held to boost public interest in millinery again postwar- I think something similar today, after this year’s “hat recession”, would be a great idea.

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