Queen Knights Centenarian Captain

Queen Elizabeth was all smiles today, welcoming 100-year-old veteran (and NHS fundraising hero) Captain Tom Moore to Windsor castle for an outdoor investiture to confer the Honour of Knighthood upon him. For this, and a family wedding earlier in the day, she wore a summery new hat.

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The straw hat, covered in the same pale aqua wool crêpe as her coat, follows the shape of Angela Kelly’s split crown hats with a slightly upturned bound brim. The hat is trimmed with a wide ruched hatband, pale grey arrow cut feathers and hand rolled pink straw flowers and curling green leaves on the side. 

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It’s a good hat- the colour is lovely on Her Majesty and the floral trim, which links well with her dress adds lift and brightness to the piece. Seeing the darker green straw leaves from side view helps them make sense- not only do they link with the dress pattern, they give great movement to the hat. My only quibble is the brim pinch on the side, which makes the brim shape a little awkward and wasn’t necessary in a design that has enough other things going on.

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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Queen was overheard telling Captain Moore that she had attended her granddaughter’s wedding earlier this morning; Princess Beatrice and Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi were married in a small, private ceremony at the Royal Chapel of All Saints which is opposite Royal Lodge, close to Windsor Castle. Buckingham Palace will release photos tomorrow but the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were photographed traveling to the wedding, Queen Elizabeth wearing this hat.

I think this hat is a great choice for both a granddaughter’s wedding and a garden investiture- what do you think of it?

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23 thoughts on “Queen Knights Centenarian Captain

  1. Late to the party: Along with so many other comments, I love everything about HM’s hat and coat except the brim pinch, but it’s not nearly as pronounced as last year’s Royal Ascot Day 1 blue pinch. Unfortunately, my eyes are immediately drawn to that particular aspect of her ensemble, yet she still looks magnificent!
    Speaking of which, and totally off the subject, I’m reminded of a hat story from the 1960 movie “The Magnificent Seven.” Yul Brynner (bald as a billiard) and Steve McQueen were constantly vying for the limelight when on screen together. Steve McQueen tried to draw the audience’s attention from Yul Brynner by taking off his hat to shade his eyes as he looked around just before they drove the hearse to the graveyard, and bending down from his saddle to dip water with his hat as the whole crew crossed a stream. Finally Brynner said to him, “If you don’t stop that I’m going to take off my hat, and then no one will look at you for the rest of the film.”

  2. Overall this is a really lovely new hat, and such an appropriate light-hearted match to these two occasions. But the brim is inexplicable. If it weren’t for the fact that one can’t imagine the Queen would be allowed to leave her rooms without everything being perfect, one would think it had suffered a mishap.

  3. What a lovely hat, just right for a sunny day in summer. I love the photo of the Queen and Capt Sir Tom Moore looking at each other: two old people slowed down and bent by age and yet so full of life and light. It just does one good to see them. All the best to both of them!

  4. What a perfectly lovely day this turned out to be! I was excited to get up this morning to see photos of Capt Sir Tom Moore receive his knighthood, and was overjoyed with the surprising news of Princess Beatrice’s happy nuptials!

    I was glad to see that The Queen and Prince Philip attended the wedding, and they seemed SO happy in the car ride to the ceremony. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos of what I’m sure will be a very gorgeous bride! Wishing Beatrice and Edo much happiness!

    As for Captain Sir Tom Moore, what else can be said about this extraordinary man? Just a well deserved achievement, and I love that they held it in the grounds of Windsor Castle. What a stunning backdrop to this wonderful event.

    HM’s hat is lovely, her ensemble is lovely (that color is so pretty!), her smile is lovely. She just looks so pleased to meet her newest Knight.
    Here’s a video of everyone (including the aides) just loving the moment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBIMV5NebrI

    • Thanks for the video. Wonderful to include the piper and bells — they made this as royal as possible despite the change in venue!

  5. At very first glance at a small photo, I thought this was a repeat of HM’s 2017 Easter hat (https://royalhats.net/2017/04/17/british-royals-celebrate-easter-4/) with some black trim additions, a repeat I certainly wouldn’t have minded! But as this ensemble was worn to the wedding first, of course HM would wear a new hat (as she has for all her grandchildren’s weddings).

    There is so much to love about this (color, dress, coat design), especially during the current times we’re dealing with, that I hate to criticize, but that brim just really bothers me. It looks like the upturned pinch was supposed to be much more pronounced (like this 2019 Ascot hat: https://royalhats.net/2019/06/18/royal-ascot-day-1-queen-elizabeth/), but somehow fell flat. Fix that brim and we would be in stellar shape.

    Congratulations to Captain Sir Thomas Moore on his more-than-deserved honor and achievements!

  6. Perfect choice for the day. Works well for a wedding and an afternoon investiture,
    held unusually out of doors.
    Wonderful that we get to see HM again.
    I hope it is not frivolous to say in such hard times that we have missed the Queen leading all the traditional events of summer.

  7. Congratulations to Capt Sir Tom Moore (yes, that is his new title) and to Princess Beatrice and Edo!

    I just love this hat on Her Majesty. Such a happy day for her and she just glows in the hat and outfit! I do agree about the “pinch”, but the rest of the hat is just perfect.

  8. IMO this trim is gorgeous, really great in form and color. Overall an outstanding look for HM. However, I agree with HQ, and perhaps even more strongly, I categorically do not like the brim pinch. I pretty much universally dislike them, I’ve yet to see one that looked like it “went” and to me it almost always looks like the brim has been sat on and crunched.

  9. Echoing ChicagoChuck’s comments. Willing to overlook a brim that looks like it has been sat on and floral trim that approaches the centerpiece at a ladies’ lunch party just because it is thrilling to see HM out and about setting the standard for graciousness! I really like the pleats below the pockets on this coat. These pictures made my day!

  10. Her Majesty looked fabulous today. Beautiful colour and I loved the pleated inserts in her coat. The hat is also a new favourite for me.

  11. her majesty looks absolutely wonderful. its a great colour on her. its a beautiful slightly longer coat, and pretty dress, topped with a joyous hat *though agree no need for the pinch…
    looking forward to tomorrow’s pics of the wedding (supposedly held back in order not to take the limelight from the knighting)

  12. While I’m with you on that brim (did she sleep on it?!?! LOL) I don’t care! This moment gave me so much life today. 100 y/o veteran who was recognized because he thought of others; Her Majesty the Queen looking resplendent in that lovely blue/green color and wielding that sword like she meant it; gorgeous sunny day at Windsor Castle. I really needed this.

  13. So happy to see HM hatting about! Can’t wait for the pics of Bea’s wedding tomorrow.
    Re this hat. So the colour is fabulous, just lovely. The coat and dress are great. But the hat has the usual overtrimming for me. The split crown is fighting with that ruched band. The wonky brim is a bit odd. And the flowers and leaves are great, but should have been given space to breathe. There’s about 4 hat concepts combined into one here, it needs a serious edit. Nonetheless! She looks lovely and summery, and it’s so good to see her out and about on a lovely day!

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