This Week’s Extras

The Prince of Wales attended the Graduation Ceremony of the Queen’s Squadron as the Reviewing Officer at RAFC Cranwell on Thursday in his role of Marshal of The Royal Air Force.
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Two housekeeping items- The Index of Royal Milliners has been reorganized by country (the country each milliner currently works from). The Retrospectives page has been updated with all of our recent Ascot posts- I suspect Queen Mathilde will debut a new hat on Tuesday for Belgian National Day and some of you might want to look back at all of her past National Day looks in anticipation of this. 
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Fun pink straw hat with grey-bound split brim and explosion of curled biot feathers by British milliner Katie Vale

For our dear gents, a beaver felt trilby in the most handsome deep teal by Danish brand Hornskov København
Statement wide brimmed hat in vibrant woven buntal and crin with fringes by US milliner Amy Fowler
Romantic straw picture hat covered in layered rings of pastel crin by British brand Lomax & Skinner
Wonderful 1940s inspired natural straw bandeau with crimson feather flowers by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Black fabric-covered mushroom brimmed statement hat trimmed with handmade wire sculptures adorned with lace by Australian milliner Souri Sengdara

Stephen Jones’ characteristically out-of-the-box take on a classic ecru boater hat
Oversize scarlet straw disc with looped bows, feathers and magenta roses by French brand A Hat at Auteuil
Charming grey straw cloche with black ribbon binding and lace applique by German brand Maliné
A very whimsical and sunny green and yellow daffodil headpiece by UK milliner Marie-anne Talbott
Pyramid-peaked pillbox in black parasisal straw by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Ivory straw brimmed hat with the most fantastic woven ribbon trim by British milliner Bundle MacLaren

Such a fun headpiece of magenta, turquoise and yellow silk ranunculus flowers by British milliner Anne Tomlin
Shallow-crowned bridal hat with ethereal overlay of white crin and silver veil by London-based milliner Elena Shvab
Chic black and white woven straw hat with slim hatband by French milliner Béatrice de Beauvoir
Parasisal button percher with soaring jinsin trim in the loveliest shade of lilac by UK brand Rebecca Couture Millinery
Oversize vibrant yellow straw saucer with flying silk abaca bow and jeweled trim by Irish milliner Caithriona King
Textured mini top hat percher in woven grosgrain and rubber by British milliner Stephen Jones

Two new photos of wee Prince Charles and his doting parents released by the Cour grand-ducale Luxembourg
Arthur Chatto is part of a 4-man rookie rowing team attempting to row non-stop unsupported around the UK (breaking 4 world records in the process) to raise money and awareness for JustOneOcean and the Red Cross. Off to a rough start, they seem to be back on track- read more info and track their progress here or at Arthur’s instagram page.
Queen Elizabeth enjoyed a lively Zoom conversation with those serving in the armed forces, including Able Rate Sophie Levy on RFA Argus and Lance Corporal Shanwayne Stephens.
Lovely, relaxed photos of the Princess Royal, taken for her 70th birthday
The Dutch royal family welcomed photographers to Palace Huis ten Bosch yesterday for their annual summer photocall; Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit did the same with their family while at their summer vacation home on the island of Dvergsoya near Kristiansand.

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9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Sorry, I’m a bit late in commenting :
    Thank you HatQueen for featuring my “Dame de Coeur” design. I’m not sure the hat block I made the bandeau shape on is late ‘forties or early ‘fifties. I can’t even remember whom I bought it from. It probably dates from just around 1950 and it makes me wonder what designs have been made on it and whose fingers touched that wood. Sadly, it’s delicate points have been damaged, so I had to fiddle a bit to get the sinamay shape right. I’m thinking of sending the block over to England and asking a block maker to see if he can repair it, just for the pleasure of keeping those vintage blocks alive!

  2. Wies, you’ve done it again! Love the curving where the two sides join at the back! And the both the flowers and cut feathers are stunning.

    Thanks for the roundup after the wedding post after the wedding, HQ! It’s so encouraging to see the royals staring to get out on their rounds again.

    • Doubtful. Sarah has been wearing mostly Jess Collett designed hats (that’s who made her hats for Eugenie, Harry and Gabriella Windsor’s weddings). Sarah does not often wear yellow and I really think Bea would have had her choose something more in line with the pale pinks scheme of the wedding.

  3. Gosh it’s been a busy weekend for you Hat Queen! It’s so exciting having royal events happening again. Thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date.

    – Lovely video of The Queen chatting with personnel overseas. She seems so interested in listening to everyone’s stories. Her delight at the Jamaican bobsled team member was charming.
    – Great article on Princess Anne. I was never overly fond of of her when I started following the Royals in the ’80’s. She seemed so standoffish in comparison to Princess Diana and Sarah. But isn’t that the best part of Princess Anne? She’s remained the same, is always focused on the charities she is associated with, does not demand fanfare, is direct and speaks honestly. She just gets on with it, and, in doing so has become one of my absolute favorites.
    – The Dutch RF seem so close and happy. Apparently, The King was teasing Princess Amalia in true Dad fashion. I read that Queen Maxima’s mother quarantined with them as she was watching the girls’ just before the pandemic while the King and Queen were in Indonesia. She remained in the Netherlands and only returned to Argentina recently.

    – The tangerine straw and crin hugger by Philip Treacy defies all logic. How does he get it to move so fluidly, without a seam in sight? How has that crin not puckered? It’s a stunning piece of art, and I am in awe.
    – The teal trilby by Hornskov København is so gorgeous. Again, the workmanship is incredible. I love how the brim turns up and adds a perfect finishing touch.
    – Stephen Jones’ boater is brilliant! I would love to see it at a different angle for another perspective. Usually boaters are in Princess Beatrice’s wheelhouse (IMHO), but this would look fabulous on the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess Madeleine.
    – The harshness of the oversize straight scarlet straw disc by A Hat at Auteuil is softened by the bows, feathers and magenta roses. I am gobsmacked at the genius of this design. It makes such an impact and I can’t stop staring at it. I would love this on Princess Eugenie or Queen Maxima.
    – I love the black and white woven straw Béatrice de Beauvoir. This would look great on Princess Sophie of Sweden or Princess Marie of Denmark.
    – I love the vibrant yellow straw saucer with flying silk abaca bow by Caithriona King. I would love to see more of Gemma’s dress as there’s a hint of some fun sash or belt with that yellow dress. She looks incredible. Queen Maxima would shine in this hat.

    • Shanon, I share your feelings about Princess Anne. She definitely gets my respect. But she needs to upgrade her hats! I also share your enthusiasm for the Béatrice de Beauvoir woven straw. What a mesmerizing pattern.

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