Hat From the Past

Royal Hats 60 years to the April 1960 state visit that saw Queen Elizabeth welcome Charles de Gaulle in a most interesting hat. With a hybrid lampshade cloche shape, the hat’s flat crown curves in an angular hourglass curves to a short brim. Wide silk ribbon is used for a hatband and for the brim’s binding, which is unusually tied in a side bow. My thanks to reader Mary for suggesting this fascinating design!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Photo from Getty and The British Monarchy as indicated

6 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Although agreeing with others that the hat is definitely of its time, I think it’s a very interesting, though unusual shape and style, and of course that shade of blue is one of HM’s best colors — thanks to Jimbo for locating that photo on eBay. (And I must add that that’s a surprisingly low price for a magazine that old!)

  2. Have been reserving my comments until I saw the hat in color, and knew that Jimbo would be all over this!
    I like this hat very much. It is a cloche- like hat with some substance- – some height on the crown,or maybe “heft” is a better word? It is a good balance to the coat, I think. Not a classic to withstand the test of time, but attractive in its context.

  3. I like your term “lampshade cloche,” HatQueen — I didn’t know how to characterize it. It’s a bit odd, but charming. I’m interested in the nubby texture. And what a pretty shade of blue.

    Just realized that this was taken just two months after the birth of Prince Andrew. What a trooper!

  4. I just had a shock – before realizing that 1960 was in fact only 60 years ago, not 70 (mops brow). I didn’t think HM had been reigning that long!
    I don’t much care for the hat – it perches so high it looks like it’s too small for her head. But I guess small hats were in style.

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