Monday Multiples: Crown Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary’s tall crowned pink straw hat by Danish milliner Susanne Juul with its elegant lines and very pretty, transparent brim, is such a lovely summer hat. It’s also very versatile- Mary has paired this hat with eleven different ensembles:

Look #1: With an ecru coat and muted pink dress, scarf and leather gloves for a June 20, 2005 visit to the Faroe Islands


Look #2: With a cream silk blouse and skirt and a dusky pink coat September 4, 2005 for a parade celebrating Hans Christian Andersen’s centenary (notice the flower trim moved to the other side!)


Look #3:  With a deep pink dress for a May 4, 2006 visit to Odense

Look #4: With a printed brown and pink silk Maline Birger dress worn to open an International Rotary congress in Copenhagen on June 11, 2006

Look #5: With a fitted grey jacket and patterned pink and purple striped skirt for a June 18, 2008 visit to Svendborg on the annual summer cruise

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Look #6: With a tailored cream coat with box pleated skirt worn during visit to Greenland, June 21, 2009


Look #7: The hat, without the floral trim, paired with a grey silk blouse and pink pleated floral skirt on August 15, 2010 for a service at Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen to mark the Danish navy’s 500th anniversary.

Look #8: Flower trim reinstated with a draped dress in deep mulberry and printed scarf on August 22, 2011 for a stop in Skagen during the annual summer cruise

Look #9: With a new silk rose trim on the hat and a black and white floral dress for a November 22, 2011 stop in Canberra during an Australian visit

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look #10 Back to the original flower trim on the hat with a grey silk Hugo Boss dress and pink cropped jacket on June 13, 2012 to welcome the Chinese President

Look #11: With a pale pink silk Prada dress (shown below with a different hat as no photos are available) worn May 18, 2013 for Prince Nikolai’s confirmation

Which coat do you prefer most with this hat?

Photos from Keld Navntoft/Scanpix; Tim Rook via Shutterstock; Bauer Griffin; BestImage; Niels Henrik Dam via Getty and Getty as indicated 

23 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Crown Princess Mary

  1. Beautiful, healthy, happy and abundantly fantastic HRH Princess Mary of Denmark in the pictures. May HRH continue to be as well as HRH family, and everyone.

  2. Look 5, look 8 and look 9 are the best ones in my opinion. The hat tones with these outfits instead of either being matchy-matchy or looking unconnected. They’re all pretty good looks, though, with the exception of #7 – that blouse does not at all have the elegant tailored appearance we have come to associate with CP Mary.

  3. I’ll go with #9 because I like the contrast with the black floral.

    It’s not my favorite hat style due to the tall crown, but I’m impressed at its versatility. Not many royal hats could be worn with eleven different ensembles.

  4. I really prefer the 2008 look originally shared by Jimbo. The charcoal top is a good complement to the pale pink hat. Mary has a number of hats that she changes up slightly with different trim, which makes for interesting watching!

  5. I like #’s 3, 6, 8, 9 the best. I like the juxtaposition of the light hat with dark colored dresses in 3, 8, and 9. #6 is pure classic chic.

  6. All are very elegant…but I think she is a very elegant royal herself. I love pink with creams, grays and even a mint green.

    • Look 7 is totally wrong. Such a stylish ,snappy dresser normally. Should have been a plain skirt without pleats

  7. This pink hat with either grey or cream combinations are so nice together. I don’t care for the pairing with the two deeper colored dresses as much. The black floral dress gets my top vote. Here’s another outing to muddy the waters.

    June 18, 2008: Royal Yacht Dannebrog
    Embed from Getty Images

  8. I like the first look, the rest is just disappointing for me. Personally, I think the floral dress in look #9 was better with the beige pillbox hat she wore in Washington.

  9. afraid to say i’m a little disappointed at the pairings really. i usually think cp mary looks polished and stylish, but these looks mainly appear a little frumpy. its a nice hat, which i prefer with the floral trims, and great to see it being used on many occasions. so for me, the best look is #6 with the classic off-white coat.

  10. I agree. I like the first styling the best, especially with the gloves matching so well! If I’m quibbling, think I liked looks 3 and 8 with the deep pink and mulberry dresses the least, but really this is such a versatile hat that it looked well with all of these outfits. I like that she had the trim altered for different outfits and can see the reasoning behind roses for a rose printed dress and no trim for the jacket with floral trim of its own, but wonder why she felt different sides for the trim looked better for some looks than others? Did she think we would be tricked into thinking it a new hat?

    • I think that Mary and her stylist, Camilla Anja Alagdi, see the hat’s removable flower as an accessory- when they feel the ensemble doesn’t need it, they remove it. That’s what’s so brilliant about ordering a hat with removable trim. On the ensemble where the hat was worn without trim, the grey blouse has a sizeable rosette at the collar- it makes sense that another flower on the hat would have been a bit too much.

      I’m surprised more royals don’t mix up the trim on their hats as it makes them so much more versatile!

      • It seems to me that Mary more than any other royal is noted for altering the trim on her hats, and also for “mixing and matching” her outfits and accessories. This is much different than Princess Anne being very thrifty and wearing things that are decades old, because she generally wears them again in their original format, although in both cases they are doing with their wardrobes what any “regular” person would do. I have always disliked fashion articles that make it seem like a bad thing when a royal lady “recycles” an old garment rather than having new ones all the time. Eleven different combinations for this hat is marvelous and proves its versatility. I agree with Jimbo that this shade of pink looks best with the pale shades of the clothing. (Although I actually wouldn’t have minded seeing an entire dress made of the fabric of the mulberry printed scarf from August 22, 2011.)

        • Mary and her stylist, Anja Camilla Alajdi, do an excellent job of putting different ensembles together. It keeps her look fresh and interesting, and it looks like she gets good use out of her pieces.

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