Most Bows?

Bows are a common hat embellishment but most hats have just one. This weeks discussion question centers around multiple bows, dearest readers, in a quest to find the royal hat or headpiece with the most bows.

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For clarification- we’ll define a bow as a decoration made from a single material fashioned (usually tied) into two loops. Bow tails, in this discussion, will be optional (not required to consider a bow, a bow!). In the case of a multi-looped bow, the bows must be visually separate (or easily separated by the eye if they are layered on top of each other) such as the one on Princess Haya’s hat, below. We’re not looking for the bow with the most loops- we’re looking for the hat with the most bows!

Embed from Getty Images

By this definition, both of these hats contain two bows. Who will raise the stakes to hats with three? Four?!  Or more?!

Photo from Getty as indicated

96 thoughts on “Most Bows?

  1. I honestly don’t know if these are intended to be bows or are runaway loops! Beatrix in 2007.

    Embed from Getty Images

    • I’m not sure either. I looked, but couldn’t find any other photos that showed that side of the hat straight on to tell if there was a knot or “not.”

  2. Queen Beatrix 2006. Scrolling through Beatrix’s hats, I get the impression she doesn’t often have much embellishment on them beyond a hatband.

    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Just the two here. But a corker of a hat!
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. Lady Gabriella Windsor at Ascot, 2017

    Embed from Getty Images

    • And in 2016, there are at least 2 bows here!

      Embed from Getty Images

  5. This hat of Julia Ogilvy’s looks interesting, worn in 2006.

    Embed from Getty Images

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