Greek Royal Wedding, Ten Years On

Ten years ago today, Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark married Tatiana Blatnik at the Cathedral of Ayios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) on the Greek island of Spetses. The wedding was the family’s first on Greek soil since going into exile in 1967. While smaller in royal attendance than the weddings of the groom’s elder brother in 1995 and sister in 1999, it was still a glittering event.

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Tatiana turned to fellow Venezuelan-born designer Angel Sanchez for her wedding gown. Made from 40 meters of French Chantilly lace, the strapless gown was topped with a scalloped edge bolero jacket that she wore for the sunset ceremony and removed for the evening reception. The gown followed an A-line silhouette with strapless crisscross bodice featuring a sweetheart neckline and a draped skirt flowing from the hip.  A separate train, attached at the back, completed the gown.

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The same Chantilly lace was used for an extended veil. It’s a romantic look for certain but the lace upon lace upon lace layers of skirt, train, veil and bolero blurred the lace’s detail instead of enhancing it. On its own, the veil is beautiful but its detail and scalloped edge were lost in the overall look.

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Queen Anne-Marie’s Antique Corsage Tiara anchored the veil, adding a lovely bit of sparkle to Tatiana’s lacy bridal look (and perhaps starting a Greek family tradition, as Princess Marie-Chantal also wore it for her wedding). Diamond drop earrings completed Tatiana’s accessories,

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Children in the wedding party were dressed in white linen suits and white cotton dresses with pleated detail with white floral wreaths in their hair.

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As for the bridesmaids in their strapless sequinned bodice dresses with marine hued skirts…. it was all a bit too disco mermaid.

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As the ceremony took place in the evening, the dress code did not include hats but with a lengthy royal guest list ( many of them extended family members), there was much glamorous fashion to enjoy

Greek & Spanish Royal Families:

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Danish Royal Family:

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Other Royal Guests:

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Embed from Getty Images

There aren’t hats here to discuss so instead we, unusually, talk tiara. How does this royal bridal look hold up for you, ten years on?

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8 thoughts on “Greek Royal Wedding, Ten Years On

  1. Was underwhelmed by the photos of everyone, although as Shanon noted, CP Victoria is probably the best of the bunch. The bridesmaid photos are hilarious and go under often used category of “What Were They Thinking?”

  2. “Disco mermaid” is an excellent description of the bridesmaids.

    Doesn’t Max always look like she’s having the best time ever? I imagine people switching place cards so that they could sit at her table.

  3. Usually, royal weddings feature hats or tiaras. The only other example that I can think of with neither is the Wessex wedding, although HM and a few others wore fascinators. Was it a function of the time of day that guests at this one were bareheaded — too late for hats, too early for tiaras?

    Very attractive couple, and this is a perfect bridal tiara since it anchors the veil without overwhelming the bride. I like Letizia’s blue gown, but these may be the worst royal bridesmaid dresses ever.

    • The Swedish royal weddings proved it’s never too early for tiaras! I think the lack of tiaras at this wedding was more a matter of formality but great observation!

  4. I completely agree with you, The dress is indeed pretty, and she is stunning, but all that lace with nothing to Break it up just becomes a lot of one thing. A tulle veil would have been much better. Also, because this was an informal wedding you see her moving through crowds and groups a lot and so it just looks a bit untidy.

    That said, I love the more beachy vibe from everyone, think people look fab. Though those bridesmaids do look like they took a wrong turn en route to Vegas…

    • I agree with you JamesB about the dress. It’s beautiful, but maybe a different veil to break it up.
      My favorite dress is CP Victoria. The orange is lovely on her and the dress hits the right note of beach formal.

      • I agree, too. In fact, I didn’t realize how beautiful the dress and jacket are on their own because in my mind, I remember this look as very “lace curtains.” The other thing that bugs me are the dangly earrings. The tiara is gorgeous but the earrings are too much!

        I have no words for those bridesmaids!

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