This Week’s Extras

Nicholas and Alina Medforth-Mills in casual summer hats to harvest grapes
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Dramatic white felt crown and black straw brimmed hat with patent leather hatband by Dutch milliner Marilène De Zomer
Fantastic patterned hatband on this deep claret felt fedora by British milliner Tracey Miller
Astounding detail on this filigree headpiece in braided straw by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Burgundy velvet felt drop brimmed boater with ribbon hatband by London-based brand Maria Monica Millinery
Black straw button percher with pleated crin and ombre handmade orchid by French milliner Sylvia Martinez
The most charming white felt capulet with wattle blossoms by Australian milliner Bronwyn Shooks
Statement headpiece by Australian milliner Belinda Osborne in unexpected ombre yellow and turquoise screams “Spring!”
Taupe parasisal straw hat trimmed with Petersham ribbon and Solstis metallic gold sequined mesh hatband by Australian milliner Andrea Cainero
Scarlet sinamay halo bandeau with embroidered floral blossoms by British milliner Josephine Willis
Very striking pearl headpiece- almost a modern take on a tiara– by Australian milliner Caren Stevenson
Navy peachbloom felt fedora with burgundy velvet double bow and trailing tails by British milliner Camilla Rose
Adore the coral and magenta colour scheme on this classic mushroom brimmed hat by Dutch brand Bronté​
Stunning white felt halo bandeau with beaded black lace trim by Australian milliner Christine Waring

Diamond printed beret percher with feathers by British milliner Beverley Edmonson
Wonderful crown shape and embroidery on this red felt design by Australian milliner Andrea Cainero
Pleated crown cotton newsboy cap by German milliner Antje Lücke
Deep green wide brimmed felt fedora with braided leather hatband by Australian milliner Alana English
Silver and gold button perchers with hand woven, pearl studded freeform brims by Irish milliner Susan Magee
Ruffled silk abaca halo bandeau headpiece by British milliner Rachel Henry
Looped crin headpiece in a full spectrum of colour by American milliner Amy Fowler

Fun tables-turned conversation with the Duke of Sussex who seems keen to teach his son rugby
Sweet snap of Prince Gabriel of Sweden shared by his parents for his third birthday

Photos from social media as indicated

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I was happy to see you added the filigree headpiece by Jill Humphries. It’s a wonderful piece and, as she indicates, is for a ponytail. How clever! I think Beatrice Borromeo could look quite chic in this.

    It’s starting to look like fedora season in many parts of the world and the latest selections are dazzling. I hope to see many on Royal heads soon.

  2. Prince Sverre Magnus was confirmed on Saturday, Sept 5 at Asker Church in Oslo. Women in the Norwegian royal family all wore traditional folk bunads.

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Usually I don’t really like fedoras, but the navy fedora of peach bloom felt, with the burgundy velvet ribbon hanging down the back really caught my attention! I do like it!

    Yes, the black straw percher with the orchid is for Zara, as well as the diamond-print beret (or is it really a teardrop?).

    Look at the instagram page of the filigree headpiece in braided straw–the is a white bandeau that looks like it is made the same way, same materials; I like it better!

  4. Hello Hat Queen,
    What a great job you always do, finding us other hats to discover in your list of hats…

    The Martinez black straw percher with an ombré orchid is delightful with its combo of shape/style. I think Zara could pull that off easily and would stand out with her blonde hair.

    The Osborne ombré yellow and turquoise is spectacular. I wonder who would best carry that off? Any ideas?

    The Willis scarlet bandeau would be lovely with Catherine’s dark tresses pulled up in a gorgeous up-do as she can do.

    The Bronté magenta mushroom hat is surprisingly satisfying… I think because of the translucent quality of the brim.

    The Magee silver and gold hand woven perchers are a must-wear by the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

    And the colorful Fowler “unbroken chain” is beautiful and unique… such an American flavor to it that it would be great to see at the Kentucky Derby next year when it’s open for spectators again. Can’t picture a royal in it. Maybe you can?

    Thank you for all your work giving us such visual hat treats.

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