This Week’s Extras

Princess Akiko participated in a bell-ringing ceremony at Zojoji Temple on September 21 in a white cotton cloche hat.
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Grey straw picture hat with wired feather boa brim by US brand Suzanne Couture Millinery
Jewel toned velvet bandeau headpieces with beautiful embroidery by British milliner Lucy Bowler
Navy fedora with large felt twists and inky feathers by German brand Hartung Anneliese
Red straw hat with crin brim extension that rolls into a rosette by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Blue feather embroidered teardrop nestled within a floral laser cut saucer by Irish milliner Susan Magee
Glamorous autumn hat in leopard printed felt with graphic layered hatbands by Dutch milliner Wies Mauduit
Striking cereulean blue felt button percher with silver stripe and bow by British brand NDLQ Millinery
Red leather teardrop percher with ruffle trim by Australian milliner Rachel Henry
Notable blue and green painted felt hat with green wool pompoms by Israeli milliner Maor Zabar
Bandeau headpieces of overlapping bows by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Large navy straw saucer with luminescent lime bow by US brand Art Of Hats Studio
Grey felt modified cloche trimmed with stamps by German milliner Antje Lücke (see the inspiration & front view here)

Statement black feather and flower headpiece by Australian milliner Cynthia Jones-Bryson
Original floral printed straw (hand doodled!) fedora by British milliner Ian Bennett
Midnight blue velvet halo bandeau with silk flower spray and veil by British milliner Justine Bradley-Hill
Red leather teardrop percher with ruffle trim by Australian milliner Rachel Henry
Pale grey spotted straw freeform floral headpiece with lovely lightness by British milliner Marie-Anne Talbott
Beautiful floral headpiece made from used coffee pods! By Singapore brand Heads of State Millinery.

Congratulations to Flora Ogilvy and Timothy Vesterberg who were  privately married at the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace last Saturday. Her beautifully streamlined dress was by Emilia Wickstead.
We end this week with the most charming interview with questions posed by the three little Cambridge nuggets to Sir David Attenborough

Photos from social media as indicated

7 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. It is not fair that women wear such pretty hats and I am just an old, fat, bald ugly man with no hat that can hide my disgusting features. How do we bring back hats for men to help me? I would wear a big hat with a feather in it.

  2. Thank you Hat Queen for featuring my “Sauvage” animal print hat in your weekly selection. And thank you Mittenmary and Shannon for your sugggestions to see it on royal heads! (In fact it is the kind of hat that will make any ordinary woman feel confident instantly and maybe even a bit royal! That is the power of hats.)
    I love Antje Lücke’s Love letter hat and the inspiration behind it. And the Heads of State Coffee pad headpiece is extraordinary!

    Flora Ogilvy’s wedding dress is perfect in its (deceptive) simplicity. I hope she and Mr. Vesterberg will be very happy!

  3. – The grey straw picture hat with wired feather boa brim by Suzanne Couture Millinery is made for Princess Haya. That is a statement hat!
    – The navy fedora with large felt twists and inky feathers by German brand Hartung Anneliese is a stunner. I could see so many Royals in this one – Princess Marie, CP Mary, Princess Anne, The Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Maxima, Autumn Phillips, Zara Tindall, Countess of Wessex, Princess Eugenie, etc. It’s quite versatile.
    – I agree with mittenmary that Wies’ leopard print hat is made for Queen Maxima. She would look incredible in it.
    – I’m not usually a fan of the halo bandeaus, but the midnight blue velvet with silk flower spray and veil by Justine Bradley-Hill is quite striking. This would be splendid on Princess Beatrice.

    Such wonderful news of Flora Ogilvy and Timothy Vesterberg’s wedding. She has such a beautiful dress and I love that she wore Granny Princess Alexandra’s earrings.

    Oooh those Cambridge kids are way too cute! I love how Prince George says David Attenborough’s name. Charlotte is so sweet and I love that she likes spiders. But, Louis and his “amimal” question is priceless.

  4. Postage stamps and coffee pods (beautifully transformed into orchids!) are wonderfully novel trims. HatQueen, have you ever considered a Most Unusual Material for a Hat Features challenge? I can think of two…I’m also impressed by the NDLQ design since Rothko seems an unlikely inspiration for a hat. The Lucy Bowler bandeau is a great piece that could work for any number of royals for informal appearances. Love the “embracing everyday headwear“ tag line.

    I’m always wish that the Dutch royals would take up our Wies, but I’d really like this knockout for Mathilde. The bold patterning on the classic design would suit her so well.

    Love the pared-down gown on Flora Ogilvy! And the little Cambridges are such an antidote to this very uneasy week in the US.

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