This Week’s Extras

Back on September 26th , Princess Benedikte opened an exhibition by sculptor Helen Schou at Randers Art Museum⁣⁣. She wore a blue woven raffia hat embellished with a looped bow beneath the upswept brim.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Wonderfully quirky blue straw bandeau trimmed with hand rolled straw pencils by UK brand Warrillow Studio
Luxe maroon felt stylised trilby with double vertical side bow by American milliner Jennifer Hoertz
Pink straw lovely shaped saucer with dusky rose silk flowers by Dutch milliner Daphne Fernandius
Fantastic hand rolled, strolled and stitched headpiece in ecru and blue straw by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Sleek and elegant grey straw cartwheel brimmed hat with statement flower by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova
Black straw bandeau with braided scrolls and flowers by Texas millinery brand The Mad Duchess
Matching shoes, clutch and button percher in vibrant peacock printed velvet by France-based milliner Sylvia Martinez
Super high halo bandeau in pleated silver satin by British milliner Victoria Charles
Magenta halo bandeau with handmade hydrangea trim by UK-based Italian milliner Guilia Mio
Royal blue felt upturned brim with black braid Mondrian design by German milliner Angelika Löbering

Flax yellow straw draped percher with beads by Australian brand Natalie Jane Millinery
Dramatic tiered black felt pyramid hat by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Red felt fedora with fantastic trio of trimmed black feathers by Canadian milliner Truly Carmichael
Blush straw percher with grey quill and feather flower by UK brand Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery
Large natural straw hat with beehive shaped crown and fantastic garden of layered applique flowers covering the braid-edged wide brim. Made by Australian brand Belle Folie Lifestyle

As per Luxembourg royal tradition, a new rose was christened on Tuesday in honor of Prince Charles. The Hereditary Duke and Duchess also gave an interview on their experiences with parenthood so far.
Snippets from a press conference on Monday with Delphine Boel, who, based on DNA testing, has won the right to use her father’s last name and title of Princess of Belgium. It’s a sad story all around that could have had such a different (healthier, more positive for all) outcome.

We end this week with Prince William’s tour of Bug-ingham Palace. So sweet!

Photos from social media as indicated

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I love the grey straw cartwheel brimmed hat and tiered black felt pyramid hat.
    What a saga for Princess Delphine. Oh my.

    Princess Hisako opened a photo exhibition on October 6

  2. I liked the black bandeau as well, but not sold on the tassel. Love the grey cartwheel, and really like the red fedora, which would look wonderful on Duchess of Cambridge. This hat would also look good on me, but alas, it’s not in my cards these days !

  3. Little Prince Charles is such a cutie! What wonderful, joyous photos of him and his parents.

    I agree with your assessments on the new Princess Delphine. The news literally dropped my jaw this week. I feel sad that she had to endure this, but her remarks are so positive and mature. I wish her all the best as she moves forward.

    The tour of Bug-ingham Palace was lovely. William’s interaction with the kids was wonderful. So patient and encouraging. I was really proud of his EarthShot prize announcement. It’s an incredible undertaking and one I’m certain a lot of people will rise to. I look forward to watching the submissions.

    – Countess of Wessex would look so great in the grey straw cartwheel brimmed hat with statement flower by Czech milliner Jolana Kotabova. I love the color and shape.
    – The Belle Folie Lifestyle hat is lots of fun. It would be spectacular at Ascot for Princess Beatrice.

  4. The black bandeau with scrolls and flowers is the best hat I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s baroque coloring, well balanced design with unusual details blows staid, same old/same old hats away. I’d love to see Queen Máxima wear this hat. Or Duchess of Cambridge, who, while always impeccably attired, I’d love to see take more chances with her gorgeous wardrobe.

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