Imperial Royals Marks Shrine’s Centenary

Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako attended a ceremony at Meiji shrine in Tokyo today to mark 100 years since it was founded. The shrine,  founded on November 1, 1920, is dedicated to the Emperor Meij, who died in 1912, and his wife Empress Shoken. For this event, Empress Masako was white, head to toe, with a new hat.

Covered in the same textured pique as her ensemble, the hat follows a familiar bowler-ish shape for Masako with straight-sided, slightly domed crown and short, primly upturned brim. What’s unique here is the embellishment – oversize, overlapping petals around the hat, in place of a hatband. We’ve not seen this on any of Masako’s other hats and it lends a distinctive look that seems to reference the scalloped hem of her jacket. It’s an interesting one.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of Empress Masako’s new hat today?

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12 thoughts on “Imperial Royals Marks Shrine’s Centenary

  1. Given how wedded the Japanese royal ladies are to this style of hat – almost to the point of being a uniform – it is refreshing to see even a minor variation such as this petal embellishment. Overall I think it’s a good outfit for the occasion, although I think as has been said there are some more tailored elements of the jacket that don’t fit so well with the “prettiness” of the scalloped hem, which I like a lot.

  2. This hat is delightful. The circlet of scallops give its shape the air of a medieval crown, minus the jewels – a lovely and very appropriate effect, which suits Masako well. A fine addition to her hat closet!
    The design of the suit, as is so often the case with Imperial royal couture, seems to be trying to tick too many boxes at once. The modern scalloped hem of the jacket calls for the removal of the incompatible business-suit lapels, and the loose fit of the jacket is suited to a more casual event – as is the oversized fit of the skirt — which needs a more defined outline to mirror the clarity of the hat

  3. It’s fine. I don’t understand the propensity toward bumper/ bowler- like hats within the Imperial Family, but like the mirroring of the scallops and the jacket.

    I think Empress Masako is an exemplar of dignity and grace!

  4. Definitely a beautiful hat and I really like this alternative hatband; it’s a shame the all-white is difficult to photographs to see and appreciate the details. My only minor complaint is I don’t think mimicking the petals on the jacket hem was entirely successful, especially where it looks slightly awkward to me on the front, but otherwise a wonderful ensemble.

  5. I really like this hat. Given that the code is obviously all white, the quirky trim, which, as you say, echoes the petal hemline of her jacket, makes the hat stand out. With the slightly fuller than usual long skirt, and the pearls hugging her neckline, I think this is a lovely ensemble altogether.

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