Last Week’s Extras

On Monday, Princess Nobuko visited Meiji Jingu for the shrine’s 100th anniversary. She wore a pale bumper hat.


On Tuesday, the Akishino princesses arrived at the Imperial Palace for a Rikkoshi-no-Rei luncheon in silk covered bandeau headpieces.

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her black tweed hat wit ruched crown and faux fur brim from Lock & Co. yesterday in Berlin where she and the Prince of Wales are participating in Germany’s Day of Mourning commemorations.
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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Brown button percher with crin, veil, swarovski crystals and an ammonite fossil by London-based Agnes Millinery
Burgundy ruffled velvet bandeau headpiece by British brand Camilla Rose Millinery
Lovely blush straw hat with crisply formed crown and side knot by Australian milliner Keegan Mae
Headpiece of oversize black feather dahlias and curling silver quills by British brand Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery
White button percher with beautiful floral trim by London-based milliner Inna Walker


Burnt orange wool beret with whimsical pompoms by British milliner Rachel Trevor Morgan
Pink and blue ombre stylized fedora with statement feather trim by Australian brand Melissa Gaye Designs
Ethereal headpiece of silver crin petals off a sparkling button base by Australian milliner Catherine Ellen
Cranberry wool felt wide brimmed pork pie hat with luscious velvet hatband by Rose Cherie Paris
Navy straw saucer with white brim binding and curling quills by Australian brand Monroe Millinery
Rose velvet beret percher with ombre silk abaca fans by British milliner Tracey Miller


Luxe chocolate felt fedora with twists, stitched leather hatband and feather by Dutch milliner Mirjam van der Welle
Mini button percher with fantastic twists, all in graphic stripes, from Australian milliner Carrie Jenkinson
Smart grey plaid visored cap by German brand Hutmanufaktur
Coral felt fedora with dove grey hatband (love this unexpected scheme) by Maria Monica London
White parasisal straw bandeau headpiece with blue feather birds by Australian milliner Chris Mullane


Nicholas and Alina Medforth-Mills welcomed a daughter, Marina Alexandra, on November 7

The Countess of Wessex took part in the Girl Guide’s “Act Your Age” challenge

Now…. how many of you started the new season of “The Crown” yesterday? Thoughts?

Photos from social media as indicated

6 thoughts on “Last Week’s Extras

  1. Late to the party here, but a few thoughts: love the use of the ammonite on the Agnes Millinery percher. Instead of just being a novelty trim, the swirls echo the hat’s design. The RTM orange beret with pompoms and the bluebird bandeau by Chris Mullane are millinery antidotes to 2020!

    Princess Estelle is always adorable and seems to have mastered mixing neutrals already.

    I’ve only seen the first episode of The Crown so far, and there weren’t any hats! No doubt we’ll see them at the wedding. Agreed with all about Gillian Anderson being a standout.

  2. I really like 3 Australian milliners this time:
    The Catherine Ellen hat has a lovely flow to it
    Monroe millinery strong color combination
    and Carrie Jenkinson’s hat great graphic design even the blinds behind it add to the graphic effect

  3. I don’t understand Camilla’s choice of hat for this very formal occasion in Germany, she has some great formal black hats small, medium and large which would have been a much better choice. I could understand this hat worn for a country church service or a small horse racing meet but not a Remembrance Service.

    Maybe because the style is one I associate with my grandmother who would have worn it to go shopping.

  4. Oh my, that orange pom pom beret by Rachel Trevor Morgan is so cute and whimsical! Hope to see it on some lucky head this winter.

    I just watched the first episode of The Crown Season 4 and agree with Shanon that Gillian Anderson is amazing in her role!

  5. I loved the video of the Countess of Wessex making scones. It made me so hungry I made those this weekend (found a recipe on The Googles). Very yummy! I did DM the Palace asking for the recipe, but haven’t heard back 😦

    The headpiece of oversize black feather dahlias and curling silver quills by British brand Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery is striking. I think the Countess of Wessex would look great in this.

    Yes I just finished watching The Crown this morning! The actress who plays Diana is incredible! Her voice is uncanny. Gillian Anderson is wonderful as Margaret Thatcher. I’m always amazed by the acting on this show. It’s extraordinary.

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