Monday Multiples: Queen Mathilde

Queen Mathilde will celebrate her 48th birthday on Wednesday and to mark this even, we’re taking a closer look at one of her hats. Designed by Fabienne Delvigne, her red beret percher wrapped in silk abaca with curved feather trim has been worn twice so far, each time with a different frock:

Look #1: with a grey textured woven dress embroidered with red roses by Esmeralda Ammoun worn for an October 2016 visit to Japan


Look #2: With a blush silk embroidered floral Natan belted dress worn June 27, 2018 for an Australian state visit

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

I’m torn between these two looks. Which dress do you think pairs best with this hat?

Images from  Photonews and The Asahi Shimbun, via Getty;  Social media and Getty as indicated 

14 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Queen Mathilde

  1. Red and grey being one of my favorite combinations, #1 definitely gets my vote, though I actually also like #2. I disagree that a pale hat would go better with the floral dress, even if large and dramatic — in my opinion, a strong color in the hat and accessories is exactly what is needed to set off the print fabric.

    • Yes, with her youthful appearance, she will be well-advised to offset the gray or the floral dress with a strong color. I wonder if there was any debate about the color combination but it suits her pale complexion, in my opinion. Put it this way, if I had been offered either at her age, I would not have said No!

  2. I think the styling with the pink dress is beautiful. Red hat, handbag, and shoes. (guess what my favorite color is!??)

  3. First look is my favourite, although the second isn’t bad (just like others, I believe a better option would have been a wide brimmed hat in one of the other colours in Mathilde’s dress.

    The first combination is quite exquisite and I believe fits her personality well, a good balance between creative and traditional elements.

  4. The hat is really lovely! I hope Q. Mathilde will wear it again! I definitely prefer it with look number 1, mostly because I don’t care for the peach dress on the queen. I think it makes her a little washed out.

  5. The grey outfit is my choice for sure! I especially love the roses and how they pull in all the red accessories without anything overwhelming the whole look.

    This cocktail hat, while monochrome, is still busy with all the textures and movement of materials, and I find that it fights with the floral pattern of the second dress. A wider hat with floral trim to mirror the florals of the dress would be a better choice IMO.

  6. I like this red hat – it has texture and flow, but is neat. Not keen on either of these dresses per se, although the embroidered fabric is lovely, but I prefer the overall styling of the grey outfit. The sheen of the hat fits the sheen on the dress and the hat lifts the overall sombre shade.

    • Well stated trickymum. They grey dress is also my favorite, mainly because of the accessories. I love her red shoes with the grey dress.
      The hat itself is an interesting shade. You mentioned the “sheen” which seems to give it different shades. In some photos, the hat has a dark, almost burgundy tinge, while in the sun, it’s nice a bright cherry red. Lovely!

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