Monaco Princess Dons Berets For Sainte Devote

Princess Charlene of Monaco donned a pair of berets last night and today to celebrate Saint Devota, patron and protector of the Principality. For Tuesday night’s traditional bonfire, where a boat is offered to the patron saint, she topped a black and red woven tweed coat with a classic black beret.

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The simple hat is a great pairing for the patterned coat and for this informal evening event.

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Designer: Dior. Coat by Akris
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella joined their parents for the outdoor event, the young prince dapper in a royal blue and black patterned knit hat and matching scarf. Princess Gabriella wore a bucket hat in the matching pink and ivory mini hound’s tooth check as her skirt and coat. How charming!

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Designer of Princess Gabriella’s hat: Baby Dior
Previously Worn: this hat is new

For today’s Sainte Devote Ceremony at the Monaco Cathedral, Princess Charlene topped an austere black ensemble with a bright cerise pink felt stemmed beret.

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The hat breathes some life support into this ensemble. I’m all for a hat being the star of the show (the colour is such fun!) but I’d love to see it paired with an outfit that doesn’t overwhelm its wearer.

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Designer: unconfirmed. Prada coat and dress
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Charlene has been on roll of beret hats, these her third and fourth in the past three months. The classic French shape suits her streamlined aesthetic (and edgy new haircut!) well. What do you think of these berets for St. Devote?

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16 thoughts on “Monaco Princess Dons Berets For Sainte Devote

  1. While I love a good structured/molded beret and beret percher cocktail hat, I also love how Charlene is rockin’ these traditional berets (I wore my black one on Tuesday haha). The first ensemble is very chic and fits in well with her streamlined style. The cerise beret is placed wonderfully on her head, but unfortunately this hat is let down by the outfit; the unstructured and oversized coat and dress in all black, combined with all the black accessories (especially the sunglasses) just overwhelm her.

    • I just realized that Charlene could’ve repeated the 2020 National Day outfit paired with the cerise beret and it would’ve been wonderful! (granted, considering how we never seem to see her repeat outfits, it seems virtually impossible this would’ve happened, but one can still dream)
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  2. It’s so nice to see some hats out and about again. I think the berets are a bit boring and costumey but I like the black one with the red coat. The winner here is Gabriella’s pink hat! It’s adorable.

  3. Monaco-fest continues! I don’t think about Monaco royal hats much and this week has been great!

    If there was a princess to carry the beret flag, Princess Charlene is the one (until they restore the French monarchy! Not going to happen). It fits her style so well and like others have said, might be the only hat style that works with her haircut these days! I love how a beret softens her look. The red coat is gorgeous and I love the pink beret even with that boxy coat. It’s so happy and cheerful.

  4. Not much you can say about a pair of berets!

    I love the red coat, it’s fabulous. But the black coat is just too severe for me for a royal event, even if she’s tried to lighten it with that pop of pink.

    Charlene never has a fashion fail, but she likes edgy looks, and I wish she’d use this approach to lift some of her somewhat austere looks.

  5. One of the things that I appreciate about Charlene is that she does not try to look like everyone else. She has her own sense of style, which at times, can appear to be severe, as in the all black outfit. I really like both berets featured in this post, and I really, really like the red coat. I admire her streamlined elegance!

  6. I love the berets, especially the cerise one, but I think that Princess Gabriella’s hat may be the winner. Goes with her outfit and is entirely age appropriate. Just charming.

    Random question: do you ever include children in the (semi)-monthly best hat votes?

    • Thanks for the question, Kristin. I decided long ago not to include children and teenagers in hat polls. From my perspective, girls growing up in the royal spotlight already face immense (often unacceptable) fashion criticism and negative body pressures coming their way. I’m doing my best not to contribute to that.

  7. Agree that the black beret looks great with the striped coat, though I prefer the placement of the pink beret on top of her head rather than the black one pulled all the way down. The pink one does pop — maybe a little too much black in the outfit, and to me it looks like the black coat is actually too big for her. With the black dress and boots, maybe a shorter more fitted jacket incorporating a little pink might have looked great.

    Like Shanon, I think Gabriella’s hat wins the award, and also, it looks cold in those photos — disappointed that Albert did not also wear a hat, at least for the evening event.

  8. These new-hat-outing posts are a bit of a jolt after almost a year without any. My brain is used to seeing retrospectives, so this is a nice change. I think the berets are lovely on Princess Charlene, and probably quite comfortable. I find in the middle of winter, it’s easier to put the mask on first, then the toque on top as the mask bands can sometimes interfere. Perhaps that’s why she’s favoring berets more, or, like you mentioned, it goes well with her edgy haircut. The cerise is a lovely color, but nothing can compare to sweet Princess Gabriella’s pink bucket hat!

    • We had a handful of new hats in November and each of the months prior to back to last summer that but yes- seeing an actual royal hat on a head is unexpected and wonderful!

  9. Love the color pop of the cerise, but I have to agree that the bulky, shapeless black ensemble doesn’t do much for its wearer. Charlene seems to be favoring berets as her go-to shape. She looks wonderfully chic in them, but I hope she doesn’t abandon those big-brimmed hats we’ve admired in HQ’s recent blue inventory post.

    And I think little Gabriella’s pink bucket is my favorite of the day!

  10. I love the cerise beret (it’s my favorite color), but I think the black wouldn’t be as overwhelming if she hadn’t also chosen a black mask (the dark sunglasses aren’t helping, either).

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