Multiples: Queen Maxima

Queen Máxima has worn her statement grey silk oversize flower headpiece with swaths of tulle by Belgian milliner Fabienne Delvigne with three ensembles to date:

Look #1: With a grey and almond woven skirt and coat with frayed edge collar, sleeves, hem and belt and a grey silk plated blouse with long lace sleeves worn for Princess Alexia’s christening on November 19, 2005

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Look #2: with a textured grey boat neck swing top and darker grey pencil skirt by Natan worn November 4, 2014 on a visit to South Korea

Queen Máxima, November 4, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats Queen Máxima, November 4, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

Look #3: with a Natan designed gown in transparent slate grey/blue silk brocade printed with large roses worn October 21, 2019 for the Imperial Enthronement  

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Which ensemble do you think pairs best with this eye-catching headpiece?

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21 thoughts on “Multiples: Queen Maxima

  1. I think #1 is the most successful, balanced look. I find the fabric on #2 a little heavy for the delicate hat and look #3 is so monotone that the hat kind of blends in.

    • k2classroom, I was able to zoom in on the photos in Look #3 and the tulle is there, but it seems to be less voluminous than in Look #1.

      My favorite Look is #3. It looks very chic with the long dress and makes a bold statement.

  2. These all work in their own way, and it’s amazing that such a statement piece could have three radically different interpretations and look amazing in all –though MrFitzroy is a sucker for #3, and agrees with several commenters that #2 is least successful (though still interesting).

    The whole concept of giant flower as hat kind of reached it’s Haute Couture apogee with Alexis Mabille’s 2012 collection. It’s doubtful even Max would wear anything as exaggerated as the runway looks…..however, if somewhat tamed and dialed back several notches (and face paint removed), a few of them do kind of whisper Maxima!

  3. Both option one and option three are splendid outings for this very splendid hat. Two falls down because the hat itself is so exuberant that it needs neatness to offset it, so the hair down etc don’t let it shine to best advantage.

    However, what I really notice seeing these together is that for the first two outings, the hat is tipped over Maxima’s right eye, whereas for the last it’s tipped to the other side, over her left eye – this almost never happens! Usually each person has a preference for the side they tip their hat to, and stick with it for all hats. Even more unusual for the very same hat to be tipped different ways. So that made me wonder why. It might be entirely arbitrary, of course, but looking at the photos, I think it might be because Maxima is wearing a sash in the last outing. The hat tipped the other way balances the sash on her right shoulder very well, whereas tipped to the right, I imagine it wouldn’t have that sense of balance.

    • I also noticed the hat tilted in the other direction, and my original thought was that the negatives had been inadvertently reversed, which sometimes happens, but does not seem to be the case for these photos. (Okay, just realized I’m dating myself by using the word “negative” — correct that to “digital image”.) However, as an interesting aside, when I went back to the original post, I noticed that all of the royal women in that post wore their sashes from right shoulder to left hip, while Crown Princess Mary wore hers in the opposite direction. It’s not a princess vs queen thing, as CP Victoria also wore hers on the right shoulder. Is this just personal preference, or is there a directional protocol attached to the wearing of the sash?

      I also prefer #1 — the large exuberant hat seems to perfectly compliment the simple neckline of outfit #1 — #2 not so much. #2 is too high and conflicts with the hat rather than compliment it. #3 is, I agree, very monochromatic, but in this case in keeping with the subtlety generally exhibited by the Imperial Court and I do like the combo a lot.

  4. Option 2 does not work because of the untidy hair and the length of the hemline. The first option works because the hat somehow works with the color and texture of the coat. Option 3 shows off this to its best advantage I think. The color of the dress is the perfect shade of gray for this hat.

  5. I like #3 best because this large flower looks best to me with the long dress. There isn’t as much to compete with it like in look #1 and look #2. There isn’t a unique neckline or different cut off points from tops or coats and dresses, just one flowing look! Even the same colored gloves and clutch don’t interrupt the look and I think the hat really shines in this look.

  6. I enjoy option 2 ..slicker overall look and her hair falls down adding to the slicker look. Long and flowing seems to let the details of the hat take centre stage.

    • I’m with you! I like the incredibly fancy OTT hat balanced with an unfussy hairstyle and simple clothing. The darker gray of that extremely chic boatneck top sets it off beautifully.

  7. I agree that option #2 fails because the very busy hat needs tidy hair to set it off to best advantage. I love the other two looks almost equally, but it was an inspired choice as a nod to the chrysanthemum throne at the Imperial ceremony, so I give #3 the win.

  8. One of my all-time favorite hats for Máxima! #1 is definitely the winner for me since it made me fall in love with this hat in the first place; I like how the knee-length coat balances the whole look. #3 is a close runner-up, but with the floor-length gown, gloves, and clutch, it starts to feel like a bit too much grey, even more me (and it’s my favorite neutral!). #2 falls flat with the natural hairstyle competing with the busy hat; I don’t often mind a down hairstyle, but this hat needs something more tidy, whether up or down, and I also think her top doesn’t vibe well with the rest of the outfit.

    I would love to see this paired with an outfit of color for something completely different (green and blue are my first choices).

  9. Option 3 is fabulous – and great to see a statement piece brought back after so long to form such a showstopper look. The first pairing is also a success, but I’m not sure 2 is. This is such a Máx piece in its exuberance!

  10. Option #1 please, w/#3 in a close second-it’s her hair that makes the difference w/this hat & wearing it up looks much better.

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