Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to Queen Margrethe’s 18th birthday on April 16, 1958. For this coming of age milestone, she wore a lovely floral frock with matching calot hat. Photos from the time are all in black and white but, thanks to the Danish Monarchy, we have a view of it in full colour.

Embed from Getty Images

Next week we’ll celebrate Queen Margrethe’s 81st birthday with another inventory of her hats- what colour would you like to see?

Images from Getty and social media as indicated

6 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. For anyone who is interested, the translation of the text, thanks to Google Translate, is as follows:

    “On her 18th birthday on April 16, 1958, the Successor to the Throne, Princess Margrethe, entered the Council of State, then led by her father, King Frederik 9. On the special day, the Princess wore this light silk dress with a rose pattern, which the elves have found for today’s gate in Christmas calendars.

    At a cabinet meeting, the Regent, together with a minister, signs the laws passed by the Folketing. It is also by Minister of State that the Government informs the Regent of new bills. On this special spring day in 1958, Princess Margrethe also signed the Constitution with these words: “I, Margrethe Alexandrine Thorhildur Ingrid, Successor to the Throne, Princess to Denmark, hereby submit in accordance with section 8 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Denmark of 5 June 1953 on honor and conscience the assurance that I will unwaveringly abide by the Constitution of the kingdom. ”

    It is a tradition that the heir to the throne has a seat in the Council of State, just as His Royal Highness the Crown Prince has it today alongside Her Majesty the Queen, who has led the ministers since the change of throne in 1972. 📸 Claus Bech, Kongehuset © ️”

  2. The ‘storage room’ location here is as intriguing as the ensemble….with the furniture pushed together and the stacked gilt chairs in the background…..it really conveys this was just unpacked from it’s storage box (MrFitzroy can almost hear the rustling of the acid free tissue paper) and placed on the dress form for the photo….
    As lovely as this is in it’s slightly rumpled informality, it would be wonderful to see this conserved and curated for exhibition — freshly steamed, skirt flaring out with crinoline!

  3. This is so ladylike, in keeping with the fashions of the time! It’s touching to see the King’s obvious pride in his daughter.

  4. Harmonious and dignified! Fit for a Queen! We do miss those fashions worn by Royalty, and how we wished we could emulate them!

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