Milestone Birthday: Lady Gabriella Kingston

Lady Gabriella Kingston celebrates her 40th birthday today, a milestone marked here with a look back at her life in hats:

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

For a minor royal who lives a private life, it’s an impressive collection. Gabriella does not shy away from a wide brim or a bold shape, which makes Philip Treacy a natural go-to milliner for her. That all being said… fashion experimentation is good and I’d love to see her branch out with some less familiar shapes.

What do you notice about Lady Gabriella’s hats?

Photos from Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Milestone Birthday: Lady Gabriella Kingston

  1. Wow, she had such self-assurance and polish even when she was young. The teal from the Cambridge wedding is a highlight. Give her infrequent hat appearances, I can see why she sticks to the more versatile neutrals, but she looks great in saturated colors.

  2. What a great retrospective, thank you HatQueen! It’s lovely to see Lady Gabriella’s style evolution, she’s always been one to watch. These large brimmed hats suit her but I’d love to see her try out the smaller ones as well, like the Ascot one JamesB posted.

  3. I really love her style. It’s so so classic, but she is so elegant and naturally beautiful that it never looks dull. She has inherited the elegance of the Grandmother she never knew, her Aunt Alexandra and the hint of drama of her mother. She’s obviously incredibly popular too, as she gets invited to most things, her wedding was very well attended by the royals and also everyone always looks to be having a ball when they’re with her.

    Her hats are normally whoppers, but I particularly loved this smaller one; the dress could be a thought bit too casual for Ascot but I thought she looked just fabulous! Embed from Getty Images

  4. Love that she keeps primarily to monochromatic hats that use lots of textures to keep things interesting. Very elegant, and great for repeat wearings.

  5. I have an inkling if she had more royal duties she would experiment more, she can pull off all kind of hat styles.
    She also looked amazing at her wedding with her veil and tiara.

  6. Lady Gabriella seems like one of those Royals that all the Royals enjoy being around. She reminds me of Lady Sarah Chatto that way. She is a very stylish dresser, and takes after her Grandmother, Princess Marina, in style and looks.

    I love her large hats, in particular, the blue/green side sweep picture hat she wore to the Cambridge wedding. That color is stunning.

  7. One of my favourite royals. She so reminds me of her aunt Princess Alexandra and her grandmother, Princess Marina. To be honest, she could wear a paper bag as a hat and at make it look good.

    One of my very favourite pictures was taken at her wedding, she was bending down to talk to the Queen and holding her hand. Perfectly charming picture of two beautiful people.

  8. So interesting to see strong echoes of the Duchess of Cornwall’s favorite hat shapes here. Gabriella always looks lovely.

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