Inventory: Princess Benedikte’s Pink and Burgundy Hats

The Danish monarchy released a lovely new portrait of Princess Benedikte yesterday to celebrate her 77th birthday.

Taking inspiration from this photo, we’re marking her birthday with a look at her pink and burgundy hats:

1. 2.  3.   
Designer: all unknown
Introduced: October 2003 or earlier; April 2, 2005 or earlier; January 21, 2006 or earlier

4.    5.
Designer: both are unknown
Introduced: 2007 or earlier (feather pouf removed for an April 2015 outing and replaced by October 2017) May 11, 2011 or earlier

6.  7.
Designer: both are unknown
Introduced:  April 24, 2013; June 10, 2014

Princess Benedikte seems to favour deeper, berry shades and my, do they suit her well. I notice a streamlined, elegant aesthetic here with a single statement trim, if there’s to be trim at all. What do you notice about her pink hats?

Images from Marijan Murat/dpa/CorbisCorbis; Chris Jackson, Ole Jensen – Corbis/Corbis, and Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty; Jesper Sunesen; Lars Salomonsen; Corbis​

6 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Benedikte’s Pink and Burgundy Hats

  1. Aren’t these lovely, the dark pink/magenta ones in particular do suit her brilliantly. Like Princess Alexandra, Benedikte is a very elegant lady who always looks incredibly regal.

  2. Princess Benedikte always looks so elegant, and this particular color is very lovely on her. #1 is probably my favorite as the spiral is such a fun design. The larger brimmed picture hats are where she shines though, and numbers 5, 6, and 7 are exquisite.

  3. We “talked” (wrote) about how stylish Queen Margrethe is when looking at her pink hats a few days ago. Well, her younger sister is just as elegant and these hats are some proof of that. She is less bold than the Queen, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her colours and how to combine them. I am so glad she has been seen at so many gala events in Denmark (and abroad too at family celebrations) and that she is still considered part of the Danish Court representing the Royal Family whenever needed.

  4. P Benedikte is rather taller than our own dear Queen, so doesn’t have to try so hard to be noticed in a crowd, but I do think that less is often more, in the way of decoration. Whilst I love the workmanship that goes into those artificial flowers, a simple but beautiful shape can do just as well.

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