Hat From The Past

around 100 years to King George V and his most royal of gardening hats.

Brilliant share this week by the Royal Collection Trust!

17 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. We’ve had so many interesting posts this week that I almost missed this one. Priceless! How often do we see a monarch doing his own yard work?

  2. Very elegant, though the mower appears to have been intended for a shorter gardener.
    Would that be Queen Mary supervising? Rather a nice hat, if not the clearest photo of it.

  3. I love it! I usually wear grubby clothes and a ball cap when mowing the lawn, but this is so much classier.

  4. Now that’s class! This wonderful photo reminds me of Oliver Douglas (Eddie Albert) who plowed the field and did all the “chores” in his Sunday best on the corniest TV show ever produced, “Green Acres.” How many of us can still sing the theme song?

    HQ, I hope you don’t mind this aside: Today is International Firefighters Day. Check out these cheeky monkeys!
    Embed from Getty Images

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