Hats From the Past

Royal Hats  47 years to this day in 1974 when members of Monaco’s royal family celebrated the 25th anniversary of the reign of Rainier III. Princess Grace was a picture of classic beauty in a blush silk dress with a wide brimmed, natural straw picture hat trimmed with pale pink flowers. Princess Caroline made a more contemporary fashion statement in a printed dress with natural straw, relaxed brim Garbo hat and young Princess Stephanie wore a sweet white floral trimmed headband.

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Photo from Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. WOW. — what a blast from the past…(This was just before the era when Princess Caroline was on the cover of Paris Match magazine more often than not.) Everything here is such a snapshot in time, and so perfectly evocative of the era.

    The BIG WOW, however, are these enlargeable photos from Getty, how nice to be able to zoom in on the details — The flower’s on Grace’s hat, the embroidery on Stephanie’s hem. Also that both father and son appear to possibly be wearing Gucci loafers.

    …..and perhaps most amazing (regardless of enlargement), that Prince Albert ever had that much hair on his head!!

  2. These couldn’t be more 70s if they tried! Grace and Caroline look like they’ve walked out of the Stepford Wives!
    I love Grace’s outfit, it’s so chic. Not so keen on Caroline’s dress but her hat is incredibly flattering. Do love a wide brimmed hat.

    • JamesB, once again, we Jims are in total agreement! Is it quite possible that Princess Grace held on to this wide-brimmed hat, and had it renovated for Diana Spencer’s wedding, July 29, 1981? In the unembeddable photo below, she is barely seen in a tan hat on the rear right side, and the color is the same. I’ll agree with whatever you say.

      Embed from Getty Images


      • I agree with you Jimbo! That is the same hat with new embellished roses. Absolutely LOVE this hat. I wonder if it’s still in the “hat closet” at Monaco’s royal palace and perhaps Princess Charlene or Princess Caroline can re-trim it and give it new life! Wouldn’t that be a kick!

      • You know Jimbo, I was wondering the same thing. I’d say it’s a pretty good bet that it is the same titfer.

  3. I really love Princess Grace’s hat. It’s timeless design is perfect for a summer day. I wish one of her grand daughters would wear it today. Princess Caroline’s hat is very chic. She looks wonderful in that Garbo design.

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