Milestone Birthday: Zara Tindall

Zara Tindall celebrates her 40th birthday on Saturday, a milestone that calls for a look back at some of her memorable hats:

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There’s much diversity here- colour, style, trimming, shape, scale and designs from more than fifteen different milliners. There are so many good looks, it’s worth reminding ourselves that Zara is not a working royal – thank goodness she allows public view into her private life that allow us opportunity to admire her fantastic hats!. Thinking ahead to the future… I’d love to see Zara experiment more with some larger scale pieces (saucers and slice hats maybe?) and designs with wider brims.

What do you notice about Zara’s hats? What styles would you like to see her try next?

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14 thoughts on “Milestone Birthday: Zara Tindall

  1. She’s such a bold hat wearer and there are so many stellar looks here. My particular favourite is the massive black bin lid she wore at the Cambridge wedding, that was such a strong look; like many others I wish she’d go for more wide brims again. Honourable mention to the magenta flyaway bow, that suited her so well.

    As others have said, so good that we see her (in normal times), at so many horsey events, hatted to the max. Her partnership with her stylist is really producing some great results.

  2. Happy Birthday Zara! She is entering her fifth decade as a champion hat wearer! I love her diverse styles, colors, textures and shapes. She looks outstanding in all of them. I would love to see her in more saucers, slice hats, picture hats – anything on a grand scale because she can pull off anything.

  3. Is it just my computer? The first seven hats are just boxes saying “Embedded from Getty Images” with no picture. I don’t remember this happening before the last few weeks.

    • Mine does it with Instagram images, as a result of anti-tracking settings in my browser. I’m able to click over to see the images if I choose to. I’ve decided that’s the price I’m willing to pay to defend my online privacy….

  4. Happy birthday Zara! Certainly a fearless hat wearer and while there are some designs I don’t care for, she’s been very confident wearing them all and has definitely learned what looks good (and presumably comfortable) on her over the years. I would like to see a few wide brimmed hats thrown into the mix for a nice change (the leopard print and Cambridge wedding Treacy hats were fabulous on her!), but she certainly has managed to find a vast variety of cocktail perchers that keeps us guessing. The only unfortunate thing is most of her recent hats seem to be hired/rented, so there is virtually no chance of repeats.

    • Completely agree about mixing in some wide brimmed hats. She also wears trilbies well. But, strangely, I’d like to see some repeats — it’s fun to see how royals re-wear hats with different ensembles.

      • Zara works with a stylist and I think many of her hats (certainly those worn to Cheltenham and Ascot) are borrowed. Working with milliners on the British Millinery Association, I’ve learned that when they work with a major fashion PR firm (Goodley Bullen and Nicky Malone are the highest profile ones working with millinery in London), the milliner provides the PR firm with one hat of each design from their collection that season. The PR firm gets those hats on celebrity heads (often via a stylist) for as much exposure as possible, then returns all the hats to the milliner at the end of the season. I suspect many of Zara’s hats are borrowed in this way.

        • This is fascinating to learn, as I know several jewelry designers here in the Orlando area who work with a firm in almost the exact same way to bring their jewelry before the eyes of the costume directors of movies and television programs. If a piece is chosen and used in a production, the designer is then permitted to make duplicates of the piece and use photos of the actress wearing it in their own advertising and promotions with the caption “As seen on (name of movie/program)”.

  5. Gosh I beg to differ. I am not fond of her hat choices. I too look for wider brims and more relaxed to designs. She wears a fedora design well.

  6. Thank goodness Zara attends horse events that require dressing up! She is the BRF’s absolute star of hat wearing and rarely has a bad hat day. There are so many great hats here it’s hard to pick a favourite. Is she a fellow Ambassador of the British Milinery Association? If not, someone should invite her.

  7. Zara is a champion hat wearer! I see a lot of favorites here and pretty much all of them could come back out of the closet again and still look relevant. I’d love her to start wearing the larger brims again and I think she looks in a cloche style!

    • What a collection! I especially like the clever use of quills on many of these hats.

      I agree that I would like to see ZT in a cloche. She looks very good in the trilby, and I like her in a fedora but those with a softer look.

      • Here’s Zara in a couple of cloches:
        Embed from Getty Images
        Embed from Getty Images

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