This Week’s Extras

Queen Margrethe in her textured straw red hat on Tuesday for a service at Holmen’s Church celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Danish Armed Forces
Princess Akiko in a darling cloche hat for the Japanese Rugby Championship last weekend

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Pale grey straw turban studded with starburst flowers by French milliner Laurence Bossion
Super chic two tone straw trilby by British milliner Louise Pocock
Tan straw bergere with black crown and handmade flowers by UK-based milliner Guilia Mio
Amazing lion fish inspired headpiece by Israeli milliner Maor Zabar
Exquisite oversize pink silk rose headpiece by Russian designer and flower maker Marina Koneva
Red leather teardrop percher with resin flowers and wire swish by Irish milliner Gráinne Maher
Beautiful headpiece of swirling blue, green and lemon feathers by British milliner Jess Collett
Worthy winner of the HATalk International Millinery competition by New Zealand milliner Anel Heyman
Ingenious! Ivory straw bandeau trimmed with spheres recycled from a lace tablecloth by German milliner Antje Lücke
Deep teal straw teardrop saucer with rose gold orchids and veil by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Black pleated crin halo bandeau encased around an arc of beads by British milliner Denise Innes-Spencer
Adore the whimsical trim on this textured straw beret percher by London-based milliner Rafa Pienador
Sunny yellow straw waved disk with statement red feather flowers by Australian milliner Felicity Northeast
 Black and cream straw saucer with wonderful brim detail and feathers by British milliner Viv Jenner
A spectacular statement in gold-tipped scarlet and magenta feathers by Australian milliner Pamela O’Brien

Striking new portrait of Princess Laurentien released for her 55th birthday

Images from social media as indicated 

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Great to see Margrethe out again in this hat and outfit; perfect for transitioning seasons and also fits the nautical theme without being too obvious.

    What a fantastic photo of Laurentien! I think a cocktail hat would be the perfect addition to her dress; I’m imagining this ribbon cockade design from our own Wies, but with a black base, sage green bow on the back, and a white (or black bejeweled) button of some sort to clearly color coordinate but without matching too much:

    Okay, now how does one get a job with the House of Oranje helping with hats and outfits? Haha . . .

    • Great idea Jake! That hat with your color changes would look incredible on Pincess Laurentian.

      I love the hats on Queen Margrethe, Princess Akiko and Princess Charlene.

      I absolutely love the yellow straw wave disk with red sunburst flowers by Felicity Northeast. It almost doesn’t look real as the flowers seem to float. This would be a spectacular hat at Ascot on Princess Haya.

    • Great styling, Jake! Excellent choice for Laurentien!

      Loving the two-toned straw trilby by Louise Pocock, who also created the ombré fedora that caught my eye last week. Both look so wearable as well as chic.

      Congrats to Anel Heyman on her win. What an entrancing design. At first I thought the feathers were meant to float in the breeze, but it looks from the photos as though they are fixed in place. Lovely.

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