Dutch Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Religious Ceremony

Last week, we looked back 20 years at the hats worn to Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien’s civil wedding on May 17, 2001. Today, we continue with their religious ceremony, held May 19, 2001 at St Jacobs Church in The Hague.

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Laurentien’s gown, made of radzimir silk, was designed by Edouard Vermeulen of the House of Natan (she and Constantijn resided in Brussels at the time so a Belgian designer wasn’t surprising or controversial). The bodice followed a straight boat neckline, modernized with a cowl-like fold.

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Three quarter length fitted sleeves opened to a dramatic pointed calla lily shape.

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The gown’s unique silhouette continued with a fitted empire waist, below which the skirt opened, as a coat, to reveal a column skirt beneath.

The coat’s train flowed to a length of 3.5 meters (12 feet) over which Laurentien wore a full length, layered silk tulle veil. Unfortunately, the veil obscured the deep V at the back of the dress, a design feature that beautifully balanced the gown’s high neck at the front. At the time, I thought it was beautifully modern and sleek gown, elegantly regal in scale and design.

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Laurentien anchored the veil with the diamond Laurel Wreath Tiara from the Dutch royal jewel collection. With her pearl and diamond drop earrings and voluminous veil, the tiara has just the right amount of sparkle, gravitas and height to complete this bridal look.

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Queen Beatrix topped a blush silk floral collared dress and variegated pastel woven coat with a wide brimmed rose straw hat. The hat featured a wide, round crown with straight sides and flat top and an upturned kettle brim, trimmed with a layered pink silk hatband and swath of tulle wrapped around the crown.

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Laurentien’s mother, Jantien Brinkhorst, wore a red straw hat with wide, sidesweeping brim. Notice the gentle brim pleats on the lower side.

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Máxima Zorreguita, who would marry Prince Willem-Alexander the following February wore a brimmed taupe straw hat. The brim’s binding and triple layered hatband looked to be in the same silver silk as her suit, linking the pieces together.

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We’ll look at hats worn by other members of the Dutch royal family and royal guests in tomorrow’s post. For now- what do you think of Laurentien’s bridal look, 20 years on?

Hats worn by royal guests and extended members of the Dutch royal family
Hats worn to the civil ceremony

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8 thoughts on “Dutch Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Religious Ceremony

  1. Laurentien was a beautiful bride, and except for the neckline of the gown, there is nothing to quibble about. The problem with the neckline in front, IMO, is that it laid nicely when her arms were down, but when she raised either arm to wave at the crowd, it puckered out in a very unflattering way.

    Queen Beatrix looked lovely in both color and her signature style of both hat and dress (coat?), and Mrs. Brinkhorst was an equal match for the royals in her choice of outfit. As for Máxima, that shiny silver was a little too space-age for my taste, but the shape of the hat, as well as her beautiful big smile, were a great predictor of things to come.

  2. This is the best Laurentien’s ever looked in my opinion. Not really fond of the neckline of her dress, but everything else was just beautiful and she was a stunning bride. Tiara, veil, tiara hair were perfect.

    Ah, Queen Beatrix in her signature cake hat. Laurentien’s mother looked the best. Maxima’s a little too shiny for my taste, but with that megawatt smile, I can’t fault her much.

  3. I nearly love the dress, but the neckline doesn’t quite sit like a cowl, as the fabric is too stiff – so from the side, it looks like an inverted godet sticking out rather oddly. I think the whole ensemble works better posed from the front, rather than in motion. The bride’s mother looked very elegant – her hat is excellent and gets my vote of these three, although Beatrix and Maxima looked good too.

  4. Given the Laurentien likes to dive off into the quirky end, she stayed at the safer classic end for her bridal look and it so worked. Really clean lines with just a couple of design features, and for me the simplicity and reliance on cut made her a stunning bride. The V at the back is fab as is the split skirt, it’s all really flattering.

    Máxima alas fell foul of the early noughties love of a shiny fabric, and Bea looks like Bea. But Laurentien’s Mum – spectacular. Not everyone can take solid red but she looks glorious.

  5. Not so struck on the wedding dress – there is always something “off” with the fit of Natan’s outfits and the neckline is not a thing of beauty. I love Laurentien and her willingness to try different fashions (even though they may not often work).

    I think Beatrix’s outfit and hat is one of the prettiest I’ve seen her wear. It looks light and fresh.

    Laurentien’s mother looks very glamorous and chic.

    Maxima’s hat is perfectly nice – shame about the fastening keeping the lapels together on her suit.

  6. The sleeves on Laurentien’s dress are the only hint I see of her future quirkiness in fashion. It is a good bridal look even though I prefer lace. I love a long train and a large bouquet and a tiara with height. Laurentien delivers in all those areas. As far as the family’s hats go I think Laurentien’s mother kicked it out of the park again. I love that wide brimmed red hat! Silver was an interesting choice for Maxima but she pulls it off great as she so often does. Beatrix’s hat is fine, but not as fun as the one she wore to the Civil Wedding with the contrasting colors. There doesn’t seem to be any color theme to this wedding.

  7. Laurentien looked lovely and it’s always great to see how relaxed Dutch royal weddings are in recent decades, with laughter and moments that don’t always go as planned, but it doesn’t bother them nor take away from the grandeur of the event.

    I wasn’t such a fan of Jantien’s civil ceremony ensemble, but she brought out all the stops for the religious ceremony! That hat shape and bright crimson color were such good choices for her.

    I like the dusky rose and mauve colorings of Beatrix’s hat, but I wish there was more of them in her outfit; I’m also not so crazy about the hat details unfortunately. Máxima hat is fine, although I personally like wedding hats to be a bit more festive than this one; also her very shiny silver skirt suit can stay in 2001.

  8. Hmm, I’ve never taken a good look at this gown before. I favor wedding gowns with sleek lines and minimal ornamentation, so this works! The length of the train and veil are a little overwhelming, and the sleeves could have been more gradually tapered, but overall this is a good look for a modern Princess.

    The color of Beatrix’s hat is especially flattering, and Max is already demonstrating her confident style.

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