Inventory: Crown Princess Victoria’s Purple Hats

Crown Princess Victoria celebrated her birthday on July 14, an occasion we belatedly celebrate with another inventory of her headpieces and hats. Today, we’re looking at all of the purple designs in her wardrobe, shown below in order of introduction:

1.  2.Embed from Getty Images  
Designer: Elie Saab; Philip Treacy
Introduced: Jun 18, 2010; Oct 11, 2015

3.  4.
Designer: Parant Parant (Örjan Jackobsson); Philip Treacy
Introduced: Aug 31, 2019Oct 21, 2019

I’m struck first by the breadth of colour, from barest hint of mauve to deeply saturated royal purple. We see Crown Princess Victoria in a lot of headpieces so it’s not surprising to see two of the four here, although it’s worth acknowledging the exceptional detail in both. What do you notice about this quartet of purple hats?

Images from Getty as indicated; Dominique Charriau and Chris Jackson/Pool via Getty

5 thoughts on “Inventory: Crown Princess Victoria’s Purple Hats

  1. The #3 headpiece is my immediate favorite, (this comment coming from a HAT lover) followed by the #1 headpiece. In total agreement with all of MittenMary’s comments, but the pillbox comes in last, partially due to her hair being parted in the middle. Sorry for the weak pun.

  2. Purples her colour isn’t it. I love the pillbox most of all, and the saucer suits her so well. The two headpieces are okay, but I think Victoria suits a major hat more.

  3. Both headpieces are very good. As SoCal Gal has said, the light colors show up well against her hair. I can never decide whether I like the purple headpiece worn for the confirmation or its green almost-twin. Victoria wears the Treacy saucer well, but we’ve seen this style so often that I’m a little tired of it.

    • Realized I had a typo: I meant to say “I can never decide whether I like the purple headpiece worn for the confirmation or its green almost-twin BETTER.” They are both stunning for CPV!

  4. I like the two lavender floral headpieces very much and think that they look lovely against CP Victoria’s dark brown hair. However, I do prefer a proper hat and the two Philip Treacy creations are beautiful in shape, color and execution. All four are fine examples of royal millinery. My favorite would have to be #4 saucer with silk flowers on the side.

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