Duchess of York’s New Portraits

This month’s issue of Town and Country Magazine includes an article on the Duchess of York, “Inside the Reinvention of Sarah Ferguson, the Ultimate Royal Rebel” accompanied by a beautiful photo spread styled by Hannah Teare and photographed by Misan Harriman. We don’t often see royals styled in this way and the hats were just too good not to share:

Veiled black felt top hat with large silk bow at the back (the “Marlene Top Hat” design) by Emily London

Eggplant velour felt “Luis” matador hat with wide, flat brim and crystal chain by Emily London


Top hat in wrapped black crin with a curved Visca brim and white silk organza camellias by Lock and Co. It is the “Marlene Top Hat” design.


Black boater hat with bow and veil by Emily London (possibly the “Alcina” or  “Rochester” design)

What do you think of this quartet of hats on Sarah?
Images from social media as indicated  

16 thoughts on “Duchess of York’s New Portraits

  1. I think Sarah looks lovely in all of these hats, but the eggplant boater is definitely my favorite. That whole outfit really, the color is smashing on her. I’m sad though that the stylists felt the need to put her in clothing that is too tight (other than the purple dress), especially since the article is about self-acceptance and the press giving her a hard time about her weight, etc.

  2. I didn’t understand your comment about the inside of the hat until I linked to the designer’s Instagram — ahaI It’s especially interesting from the top. I think the hat needs the slight tilt as the model wears it.

    And I agree that k2classroom’s description is perfect!

  3. I love Fergie and her continual ability to come back fighting and enjoy life. I also think her own style has been unfairly attacked. I’m not sure I love this styling though. It’s a bit too edgy for her, it feels like a few too many ideas and not always flattering.
    I do though love the outfit with the matador hat, great colours for her, and a softer look which is really lovely on her. The houndstooth with the top hat is also a good look.
    The others I’m afraid just feel a bit over conceptualised and jus don’t feel to me that they really suit her.
    But she looks like she’s having a ball – and for that I still love her!

    • The eggplant outfit with the matador hat is definitely my favourite look: very becoming style and great colours for the Duchess of York. The veiled black top hat is a bit harsh on the face (colour wise) and the third look isn’t suitable for Sarah’s figure, not the leather corset nor the hat, I think.
      I also like the boater/dress combination in the last picture.

      Bravo to Sarah for trying out all these different looks! So much better than always keeping on the safe side.
      The article makes an interesting read. (I often wonder why the British popular press is so harsh to well known people, they seem to think they have a special license for tearing people to pieces.)

      The best picture is the one of the Duchess and her two daughters: they all look so happy there!

    • The matador hat with the purple is my favorite, too. I think you’ve nailed it, JamesB, about the other looks being too edgy for her.

      • Oh thank you! That’s praise indeed, and good to know my witterings make sense!!

        Fergie actually has another shoot in the Telegraph today. No hats there but much softer tailoring and she looks a knockout!

    • JamesB, I totally agree with your comment that Sarah’s style has been unfairly mocked. I recently came across a book I had forgotten about called “The Royal Style Wars” that looks back at Sarah’s fashions of the 80s — my recollection is that her style of that era was resoundingly slammed, and yet even some of those, across the perspective of decades, look quite nice for their time.

  4. I love the bolero/matador hat and Spanish-inspired outfit; the purples suit Sarah so well and the whole look is so stunning!

    The black boater by Emily London is also a great look and love it’s pairing with the leopard print dress (although I’m not sold on the stiletto ankle boots).

  5. I like the first two hats and they are styled very nicely, except the first one may benefit by a different hairstyle. The third one is definitely mad-hatter to me. The fourth one is okay, but the dress it OTT!

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