This Week’s Extras

Pale bumper hats on Empress Masako, Crown Princess Kiko, Princess Mako and Princess Kako Friday to mark the anniversary of Emperor Meiji’s death

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Amazing braidwork on this swirling golden cap by American milliner Katie Allen
Floating headpiece of black feather lotus flowers and quills by Australian milliner Belinda Osborne
Swirled orange straw rosette headpiece by British milliner Karen Geraghty
Creative, unexpected and slightly zany fish and tea trimmed perchers by Israeli milliner Maor Zabar
Turquoise button percher with gravity-defying sinamay and floral trim by British milliner Yuan LI
Colour blocked newsboy cap by Italian brand Marone Hats
Halo bandeau entirely handwoven from wheat! Beautiful work by British milliner Josephine Willis

Charming denim blue swirled straw hat by British brand John Boyd Hats
Black halo bandeau with textural pompom trim by Scottish milliner Stephanie Gallen
Darling palest blue straw cloche with slim hatband by Russian milliner Lia Gureeva
Orange straw freeform straw hat with wonderful blue curled straw ribbon trim by British milliner Louise Wilson
Astounding design by Australian milliner Kerry Hayes for the MIMC2021 competition in interlocking triangles
Pink sinamay saucer with the loveliest crin swirled rose trim by British milliner Tracey Miller
Emerald turban with statement ruffle by Nigerian milliner Bima Samuel Ofoneke
Palest lilac freeform hat with silvery grey vines mall made of thermoplastic by UK-based milliner Guilia Mio

The Belgian monarchy shared clips of Princess Elisabeth on a 3-day military course
And finally, congratulations to The Princess Royal who is set to become the first female Captain-General of the Royal Marines.

Images from social media as indicated 

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. The Olympics have been a joy to watch, but I was hoping we’d see more of the Imperial family cheering the athletes. It’s nice to see them honoring Emperor Meiji in beautiful hats.

    Great news for Princess Anne. She’ll be a great Captain-General of the Royal Marines.

    – The braidwork on milliner Katie Allen’s cap is stunning. What a work of art!
    – I heard many years ago that wheat is good luck to carry in a bridal bouquet. I think this Josephine Willis halo bandeau entirely handwoven from wheat, would look incredible on a bride.
    – The denim blue swirled straw hat by British brand John Boyd Hats would be so pretty on CP Mary. The color is lovely.
    – I absolutely love the pink sinamay saucer with the loveliest crin swirled rose trim by British milliner Tracey Miller. The way the swirl comes out is striking. This would be lovely on the Countess of Wessex or Princess Madeleine.

    • With the dearth of heirs to the Chrysanthemum Throne I think if they could have avoided the Emperor opening the Games they would have. It’s a legal obligation for the Head of State to open the Games and technically to officially close them although they can send a deputy and in this case it will be the Crown Prince.

      Covid is particularly bad in Tokyo and spectators aren’t allowed although Prince Albert has been seen.

      • Thanks Lesleyc19. Yes, Covid is hitting Japan hard (and everywhere else). It’s just disappointing not seeing the Imperial Family out like I’m sure they originally intended when Japan was appointed the Games. Wishful thinking on my part, but I completely understand why spectators and athlete families aren’t allowed.

        • It’s a huge shame especially when compared to London with all the different royals attending the Games, Receptions etc and the Diamond Jubilee the same year.

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