Monday Multiples: Countess of Wessex

One of the hats that made a welcome reappearance this summer was a Jane Taylor designed beret percher in a rosy-beige straw trimmed with a silk roses, a trio of feathers and a raw edge gold veil. The Countess of Wessex has paired this monochrome masterpiece with two ensembles:

Look #1: With an oyster silk Bruce Oldfield suit with embroidered sleeves and belt worn April 29, 2011 to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding

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Look #2: With a dark forest green Suzannah dress with palm tree embroidered skirt worn 17 June ,2021 to Royal Ascot

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On its own, this is a beautiful hat. I am however curious, dearest readers- which ensemble pairs with it best? Why?

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15 thoughts on “Monday Multiples: Countess of Wessex

  1. It goes lovely with both, but I think I’m going to pick outfit #1, the details are so beautiful. I love the green with the hat, but the dress and print seem to casual for a hat to my eye.

  2. I’m torn. I really like the colour of yhe second outfit as the first, however lovely, is beige. However, I am going to say outfit one because the tailoring of the suit looks wonderful on her, the colour stood out against the red carpet in Westminster Abbey and also didn’t draw attention from the bride.

  3. For me it’s a good but predictable hat for the suit. Very complementary, colors well aligned, doesn’t steal the scene. And it’s a downright inspired choice for the green shirtdress, lifting it out of the everyday and crafting an Ascot-worthy look for what is nonetheless an outdoorsy summer day.

  4. I prefer the first outfit, I think, because that coat suits her better than the dress, although the dress isn’t bad, and is a lovely colour. But what really stands out to me is that the lovely hat goes really well with both, and I can see would be really versatile, so I hope we see it again paired with something else.

  5. No contest I love Outfit 1. She’s wearing the dreaded sledge shoes with Outfit 1 but so was almost everyone back in 2011. I love it when she wears Bruce Oldfield tailoring. She has a navy blue Oldfield suit that is quite simply gorgeous. I cannot take to these vastly long and wide skirts on her (actually, I tell a lie I don’t like them on anyone).

  6. Hard choice. I love the hat and really liked the first, monochrome outfit – the textural detail on the suit and hat lifted it well above boring. She could have worn a slightly pinker lipstick to better effect. Whilst I’m not quite as fond of the style of the green dress, I do think the hat goes perfectly with it and saves the dress from being too dark for summer by highlighting the beige decoration. The hat goes brilliantly with both ensembles; but 1 wins by a smidge for me.

  7. I’m quite surprised that this fabulous hat has only been worn twice. The first time she wore it was lovely. The Bruce Oldfield coat was/is spectacular and the oyster color is so pretty. Even though the color washes her out a bit, I can see why she chose this color at the Cambridge wedding. She didn’t want to stand out, and she needed something that wouldn’t contrast with Edward’s red hat and blue sash.

    The forest green Suzannah dress is a lovely color on her, and I love how the hat brings out the embroidery.

    So, I am not choosing one outfit over the other because they are both great looks. I just hope she wears this hat many more times and pairs it with different dresses and colorful coats.

  8. The hat is perfectly suited to both outfits I prefer the first. Although the teal green is flattering to Sophie’s complexion, the cut of the skirt is not overly flattering to her figure.

  9. Both fabulous looks, a decade apart. I could have sworn the hat had another pairing, but I think I’m getting confused because the original suit had a few others.

    The sleeves are the star on #1 (and the matching handbag!) and so the hat wisely doesn’t compete. #2 provides an unexpected contrast though, and works so well.

    I can’t choose, they’re both fab. I love to see some well done mixing and matching, these hats should be seen many times.

  10. I do agree with Jake that Look #1 is overly monochromatic, and the piping and palm tree embroidery on dress #2 tie in the beige hat very well, which can be seen even better in the many photos in the original Ascot post. Therefore, I vote for #2, and also hope to see this very versatile hat on Sophie with other new or repeat outfits in the future.

  11. WOW Look 1 beautiful, the oyster outfit with lace and the hat matches perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing, love Jane Taylor styles.

  12. #1 is a lovely ensemble but extremely monochrome in a way that washes Sophie out, especially on that overcast day. The teal dress of #2 offers a great color contrast and demonstrates this hat can work with a more tailored outfit and something a bit more relaxed.

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