Hat From the Past

Royal Hatsto the summer of 1962, 59 years ago, and Princess Margret on a visit to RAF Frimley in the most wonderful pale yellow straw peach basket hat trimmed in rows of daisies.

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5 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. It’s a lot of hat! Let along peaches you could get a couple of pineapples in that!
    I think it’s a bit overwhelming for petite Margaret; and that trailing bit of veil is a bit too much too! Take it down by 25% and it’s be a winner.
    You really do forget just how glamorous and exciting she would have seemed to people back then. The awe on people’s faces!

  2. It’s such a ‘60s look! It’s a lot of hat for such a petite Princess, though. Interesting that veil, which is so prominent in the video, is barely visible in the photo.

    • I was thinking they were 2 different outings of the hat because I couldn’t see the veil in the video. It wasn’t until I saw your comment mittenmary that I looked closer. You are right – the veil is barely visible. Maybe Hat Queen will do another hat challenge for us, but this time with veils. It’s such a fun hat.

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