Inventory: Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Green Hats

To mark Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s birthday yesterday, we’re diving into her hat closet for a look at all of the green designs. There are just two so far:

1. 2.
Designer: both are unknown
Introduced: June 10, 2005; March 21, 2017

As far as fascinators go, the first design makes great statement with wonderful texture and scale. And its no surprises that Mette-Marit has embraced the current bandeau trend, as it suits her increasingly minimalist millinery style. She certainly wears seafoam shades well and I’d love to see her add some more.

Images from Getty as indicated; Julian Parker/UK Press and Berit Roald/AFP via Getty Image; Heiko Junge

7 thoughts on “Inventory: Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Green Hats

  1. I think I will be in minority here, but I find the fascination terrible. It’s just too much. To me it looks like she’s taken a gift wrapping bow and stuck it in her hair.

  2. The fascinator is so oddly placed! I was originally going to say that it seemed more like a fancy bow on a side ponytail than a fascinator, but here are several other views, showing that her hair was in fact down, and it does go very nicely with that dress:
    Embed from Getty Images

    I like the seafoam bandeau also, but would love to see MM at some point in some stronger shades of green, which I think would contrast beautifully with her pale blonde hair.

  3. Although I always prefer a proper hat, I do like both of these. Both have a slightly unusual placement, that work very well on M-M.
    I particularly like the bandeau, as in that position, it looks more like a pillbox or a calot than a hairband. The very matchy earrings are just too much though. Diamonds or pearls would have worked even better.

  4. The fascination is lovely, though does look like it’s about to fall off with the placement. The bandeau suits her very well. I actually really like her pared back Scandi style so think that a bandeau looks just right on her.

  5. Enjoyed looking at all of them particularly number one. One of the nicest fasinators I have seen. Understand she gets headaches from wearing hats. Perhaps that is not correct.

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