Hat From The Past

Princess Kiko celebrates her 55th birthday tomorrow. Here’s a peek back in the depths of her hat closet to a natty navy Breton with domed crown and butterfly trim she wore 30 years ago. It’s fun to see her in saturated colour and a more dramatic hat shape.

Embed from Getty Images

Image from Getty as indicated  

3 thoughts on “Hat From The Past

  1. While I often think of the 90s as not being that far in the past, I do think you mean 30 years ago. 😉

    Definitely a more unique hat for Kiko that I would like to see again, although the placement on her head feels a bit off. And this photo was taken just under a month before the birth of Princess Mako.

    Nice to get a bonus tam hat on Sayako Kuroda (before she married) in this photo as well.

  2. This hat is great! The Japanese ladies often wear such similar and indeed unexciting hats as to seem as though it’s almost a uniform, so when they break out into something more adventurous, it’s lovely to see!

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