This Week’s Extras

Ahead of her October 26 marriage, Princess Mako wore a simple black brimmed hat to visit the graves of her great grandparents on Tuesday. Today, she and Princess Kako wore a cream silk bumper hats for a ritual at the Three Palace Sanctuaries (Mako’s last as a member of the Imperial Royal Family).

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On Tuesday, Maud Behn wore a whimsical lobster embroidered bandeau headpiece to take delivery of her upcoming book.
Also on Tuesday, Princess Margriet wore a chocolate hat with felt crown and sinamay mushroom brim for a WWII memorial

On Tuesday, Princess Beatrix wore a bumper hat in layered burgundy and rust sinamay with a pyramid crown for the anniversary of a women’s charity

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The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:
Stunning pink swirl and gold pinwheel designs by Australian milliner Rebecca Share
Fantastic pink boater hat by Australian milliner Michelle Robinson
Sophisticated claret felt brimmed design by American milliner Debbie Lorenzo
Graphic, wide-brimmed interlocking wood hat by Spanish brand Vivascarrion Artmilliners
Stunning colour and shape on this flared bumper, blocked on a puzzle block, by US milliner Laura Del Vellaggio
Wonderfully whimsical design of gold rolled sinamay ‘hair’ by Australian milliner Rachel Henry!

Amazing Tudor headpiece by British theatrical milliner Lauren Martin
Incredible sea waves headpiece by Australian brand Taboo Millinery
Magenta floating bandeau headpiece by Australian milliner Lauren J. Ritchie
Lovely vintage vibe on this cream felt draped hat with teal trim by Polish brand Oktopus
Gorgeous raspberry sinamay hat with domed crown and cartwheel brim by Australian milliner Fiona Cooper
Bandeau headpiece of pink scrolled braid flowers by Australian milliner Lisette Margini
At a loss how to describe this embellished pillbox by Australian milliner Catherine Storm except… WOW!

Utterly charming pale blue pale blue parasisal brimmed hat with flying bow by Australian milliner Jill Humphries
Wonderful historical bonnets made by Finnish brand Brevetar Hats
Exquisite rolled sinamay lily headpiece with cornflowers by British milliner Bridget Bailey
Deep magenta halo bandeau of metallic flowers by Australian milliner Sophie Allport
Striking black interwoven ring headpiece by American brand CHUCHU NY
Punchy orange and fuchsia waved saucer with silk flowers by British milliner Beverley Edmondson
Fresh and creative lattice woven headpiece with flying bow by Australian milliner Belinda Osborne
Unique watercolour painted boater by British designer Shandana de la Rivière

Lovely new portraits of King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema released for their 10th wedding anniversary

New snaps of Prince Christian released for his his 16th birthday this week

And we end the week with adorable Prince Charles of Luxembourg.

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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. The Shandana de la Riviere is a stunner! The watercolor transforms that boater into a work of art! Just beautiful!

    I’ve been reading about Princess Mako and her upcoming wedding. She has been through so much over the years, and I hope she has a fulfilling, happy and peaceful marriage. I’ll miss seeing her at Imperial functions.

  2. Lots of lovely hats! And not a percher in sight… now the next thing to disappear will be the bandeau, and I will be happy. Teambrim#

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