Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

It’s my pleasure to welcome longtime reader and contributor Jimbo to Royal Hats today for a look at an ensemble Queen Elizabeth paired with four different hats!

Look #1: Queen Elizabeth toured Jordan in March 1984 and premiered a bright pink Hardy Amies coat with a pink and white patterned dress.  Unfortunately, the dress was not easily seen. Accompanying it was a charming white hat with a large pink flower trim.

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Look #2: Several months later on June 19, 1984, Her Majesty wore the same dress (very visible this time) to Royal Ascot with a large brimmed white hat with flowers and trailing feathers down the back – perfect for a sunny day at the races!

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Look #3: For a trip to Canada in September of that same year, the Queen wore a third hat, again a white hat with pink trim.  The pink coat reappeared for the brisk autumn season. A year later  on October 24, 1985 while on a tour of Antigua and Barbuda, this third hat was repeated coat. She also wore the full ensemble in New Zealand in 1986, as well as for an August 1988 trip while in Paisley, Scotland.

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Look #4: The pink Hardy Amies coat was also worn with a royal blue patterned ensemble for a visit to Knightsbridge, London in 1985. The vibrant ensemble was repeated, without the coat, in Australia on March 4, 1986

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Thank you, Jimbo! This is a great example of how the Queen has mixed her ensembles and hats. As usual, I offer a question to you, dearest readers- which look do you prefer here most?

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16 thoughts on “Multiples: Queen Elizabeth

  1. Well, I’m not very discriminating, because I love all of these hats. The first one is just so saucy and perky… it’s delightful. It seems to have its own positive personality.
    I enjoy the re-purposing of the pink bloom on the second hat which makes up for the lack of a defined crown.
    The rich pink and blue fabric on the third hat is a treat to see when it’s paired with that gorgeous blue stone brooch attached to the pink collar. What eye-candy. The loops on the hat don’t wow me, but all put together, it’s a winning look.
    Thanks for this post!

  2. I agree with several of the comments – #2 is my favorite also. HM looks great in brimmed hats. I was hoping to find another outing of it, but have searched in vain.

  3. A very interesting selection; my own favourite is the second hat, I think. I do remember the fashion for the smaller hats like number 1, as has been mentioned it’s somewhat reminiscent of Diana’s early hats. The larger brim seen in 2 was a thing in the mid-1980s (witness her great hat for Prince Andrew’s wedding, and I recall some of the hats I wore to weddings around then), and I think these hats with relatively large brims do somehow manage to look less dated than hats 3 and 4, which definitely seem period pieces.

    However, what it made me wonder was, when was the last time we saw the Queen in a hat without any sort of brim? She seems to have settled in the last decade (or longer) on a style which is varied in terms of angle, detail, trim, etc, but almost always the same basic shape (crown and brim). Perhaps I’m wrong, she’s worn different styles and I’m just unobservant! My guess for the most recent hat that’s not this style would be maybe one of the repeated black hats for Remebrance Sunday.

    • Very good point, she definitely got into a groove around the time on the millennium and I don’t think I can recall any new non brimmed hats in the past decade other than this one… Embed from Getty Images

      • I’ve searched and you’re right- she introduced a few brimless designs between 2000 and 2010 (see below) but nothing since 2010. Curious. And excellent observation on your part, JamesB!

        Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  4. I knew of looks #1 and #3, which are standard QEII looks for the time, small, embellished hats that are off the face but don’t provide much interest. #2 is new to me though and it’s lovely – wide brimmed hats were a rarity at the time, which was such a shame as they suited her so well. I rather like #4, and the colour combo is an interesting one…

  5. I really like #2 which looks like it was made to go with the dress only and not the coat. Maybe that’s why we didn’t see it again. I was going to say I like #4 best with the coat because I like the contrast of the navy with the hot pink, but then #3 has such a nice contrast with HM’s hair. So, it’s a tie for me. #1 looks like those smallish hats Diana wore early in her marriage, so I think it is a shape that was in fashion then.

  6. I like #2 the most since I think the hat shape compliments HM best. Meanwhile, hat #3 reminds me of this one:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Guess what goes around comes around again! 😉

  7. Jimbo- it looks to me that the rose on hat #1 was transferred to #3 (or a replica was made!).

    If pushed to choose a favourite… I’d love to see #2 from the back as the trim looks impressive! I can’t remember many other hats in the Queen’s wardrobe with different coloured hats and crowns. Although, the unexpected but lovely inky blue and pink print and statement bow in #4 makes it a favourite as well.

    Thanks for this fun post!

    • I think the flower is a stylised version of a camellia, not a rose. And it certainly looks like the two were made by the same hand.

      I often think the 1980’s were not the most flattering period for Queen Elisabeth in terms of fashion, particularly hats and make-up. The shapes of hat #1 and #4 don’t suit her very well IMO. Hat #2 is charming and feminine (especially seen from the side with the trailing feather in view) and I find #3 interesting, with the draped fabric on top, and crisp and good looking with the coat.

      Such good research, Jake!

  8. I like the third the best. The first hat just appears too small overall – though I may not be seeing something that was stylish at the time.

    The second hat is quite lovely, with a better brim width, but I would like to see the feathers at the back.

    The third looks best on HM. I like the shape and the pink piping, and placement of the rose. Quibble: I would like a more realistic looking rose.

    The last, while interesting colours is not a shape I find particularly flattering for HM.

    The coat is beautifully tailored. It would be nice to see similar today.

  9. Oh I love the third hat and look! The blue is a bit much for me, and the first hat seems very flat on her head, but that third hat/look is just great.

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