Princess Margriet Attends War Memorial

On Friday, Princess Margriet was joined by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a memorial at the Canadian war cemetery in Bergen op Zoom.

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The Dutch princess repeated a black woven hat with domed crown and brim, upturned around the back. The monochrome design is trimmed with a wide black hatband and a layered double bow in the same textured straw as the hat body, placed at the back.

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Black hats for memorial events are a tricky thing to get right but the woven straw and tweaked shape of both the crown and brim on this design give it visual the interest we often see provided by a hat’s trim. The styling of the ensemble is great with wonderful monochrome contrast found between the patent leather boots, sleek lines of the suit, silky shine of the bow necktie and nubby weave of the hat.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 11, 2008; October 15, 2002 and likely others

What do you think about this hat?

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5 thoughts on “Princess Margriet Attends War Memorial

  1. I honestly have to say that if Justin Trudeau had not been in the photos, I would have assumed that this was a “Hat from the Past” post, Margriet’s entire ensemble seeming so dated! The hat, I suppose, could still hold up today stylewise with some other outfit, but that severe suit with the bow at the neck reminds me of those “Dress for Success” books that came out in the ’70s or ’80s advising women who wanted to move up the corporate ladder to dress like men but with skirts.

  2. I also don’t care for the boots with the suit. Also, it seems to me that a felt hat would have been more seasonally appropriate. Seems to me straw hats are better suited for spring and summer.

  3. I like the hat much better than the rest of the ensemble. For a 2002 hat, it has held up quite well. It is barely visible at times in the video of Prince Claus’s funeral.

  4. I think the ratio of brim to height of hat is off. The brim needs an extra inch.

    Also ribbons on the hat combined with the very large ribbon and brooch at the neck is too much.

    This look seems very dated and I think it might be better to retire it.

  5. The hat and the skirt suit are nice and well coordinated, although they do feel a bit dated to me. My biggest issues are the boots, which feel very modern for the rest of the ensemble. I think heels would’ve been better, or a different outfit and hat with these boots.

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