Princess Amalia Introduced to Council of State

Upon her coming of age this week, Princess Amalia was introduced to the Council of State in The Hague today by her parents, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.

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Queen Máxima wore a new hat for the occasion, in vibrant magenta felt. With a rounded crown and steeply upturned sidesweeping  slice brim, the design is trimmed with a double satin stitched hatband and statement flower in layers of purple and red silk.

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The brim length on this design is shorter than many of  Queen Máxima’s other hats in this shape and this reduced scale works well, especially in this showstopping colour. As we’ve previously noted in discussions here on the blog, few of the hats in her closet are trimmed with flowers and it’s great to see a floral trim, especially one so dimensional and effective.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat dress by Natan.
Previously Worn: this hat is new

What do you think of Queen Máxima’s new hat today?

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10 thoughts on “Princess Amalia Introduced to Council of State

  1. I think the problem is that the sharp, sleek look – including the design of the hat – is contrasted by two elements: the looseness of the flower and the haphazard hairstyle, which is one too many. I agree with everyone else that a smooth up-do would have resolved that conflict.

  2. This is a fab hat on Máxima, and a nice variation on her much loved wide brimmed style. I do though think it would have been better high hair up in a chignon to balance the sweep of the brim. And as so often with Máx, there’s a bit too much going on with the outfit, the shades of red aren’t all quite right and it just feels that the elements slightly fight with each other.

    • My impression is also that there was too much going on with this outfit. She could have removed the wide belt to improve the look, or IMHO the flower on the hat!

  3. First Aiko and now Amalia! Glad to hear Amalia state in her speech she still has much to learn, which I find mature and refreshing as too many leaders aren’t willing to admit their own blind spots and faults these days. She also looked great in the blues she wore; I did wonder if she might don a bandeau, but no need to rush into hats as she looked nervous enough at times!

    A great nod by Willem-Alexander with the tie. A wonderful hat for Máxima, and I’ve been wondering when she might wear a slice hat with more trim (although I imagined on the topside of the brim along the hatband haha); to me this feels more like a Treacy design, but I’m curious as to if/when we’ll get a confirmation of the milliner. The red-violet color suits Máxima and compliments her outfit very well. My only real complaint is that this time I did wish she had worn her hair up in a side chignon rather than down; while I don’t think her hair was messy per se, I also don’t think it complimented this hat as well as an updo would.

    Overall it was great to see her parents obviously so proud, and hopefully Amalia will be given the appropriate time and space to continue discovering who she is in the midst of gaining more official royal responsibilities.

  4. It’s not a hat… but King Willem-Alexander’s choice of tie today is worth noting!
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