Danish Royals Attend Events Marking Milestone Birthday

On Monday, Princess Benedikte of Denmark attended the opening of “Mary and the Crown Princesses” at the Koldinghus, an exhibition marking Crown Princess Mary’s 50th birthday that “paints a portrait of the Danish Crown Princess and her four predecessors”. For this event, she wore a new hat with domed plaid crown and cuffed pale fur brim.

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Countess Sussie and Count Ingolf of Rosenborg also attended this event, Countess Sussie in an chocolate brimless hat (or open crown headpiece?) with eye-catching twist trim.

On Wednesday, Crown Princess Mary was joined by her two youngest children for a a visit to Copenhagen Zoo to kick off the construction of another exhibit in honor of her milestone birthday, “Mary’s Australian Garden,” an eco facility that will house animal species from Australia. For this visit, Mary wore a casual navy felt fedora trimmed with a burgundy and navy plaid hatband. Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent wore cozy knit winter hats.

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The hat is a great scale on Mary and pairs well with her patterned coat to create a casually chic ensemble.

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Designer: unknown. Coat is Hobbs London’s Meghan Check Wrap Coat 
Previously Worn: 

We’ll celebrate Crown Princess Mary’s milestone birthday with a retrospective look at her life in hats on Monday. For now, what do you think about these less formal designs?

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8 thoughts on “Danish Royals Attend Events Marking Milestone Birthday

  1. Benedikte’s hat isn’t my favorite ever, but I think it suits her well and is a fun look, despite the fabric matching of the hat’s crown and her jacket. Sussie’s hat looks interesting, but without better views I can’t comment more; her outfit does look fun as JamesB said, and it’s good to see her and Count Ingolf out. Too bad we didn’t get to see the pink pillbox return that pairs with Mary’s outfit for this outing.

    Mary’s fedora is a great casual look for a more casual outing, and I think it looks great with the coat. I always love a good high collar, but this one on her turtleneck feels a bit too high as it’s starting to come up over her chin a bit awkwardly; minor complaint, as the color does help bring out the hatband more.

  2. Mary looks fabulous in her fedora. Love the subtle coordination between the elements, such a church look.

    Countess Sussie’s coat has a lot going on, and I applaud her for it. It’s a fun look.

  3. The fedora looks so just right for this occasion and goes so well with the coat.

    I saw an image of Benedikte inside at this event, and the hat does indeed match her jacket. That doesn’t make me like the beanie shape or the fur trim any better!

  4. I love Mary’s fedora and agree that it is a great shape/style for her. I agree that Princess Beneditke’s hat is puzzling; it seems too small and the plaid clashes with her coat. I wonder if it matched what she was wearing underneath?

  5. The hat seemed perfect for the engagement at the zoo. I like the way the burgundy in the hatband matched her turtleneck. A fedora is so classy! I could easily see her going without a hat to an event like this, so I am glad she wore a hat!

  6. I do not understand the plaid in the hat or why it was chosen with that outstanding but fur coat. Beautiful lady.
    I enjoy the shape of Mary’s hat. Her coat is also lovely. I can not see ,just wondering if there is burgundy in her coat?

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