This Week’s Extras

Way back in December, Princess Hisako wore a black and white patterned hat with very interesting double brim trimmed with rust and black feathers.
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Embed from Getty Images
On Tuesday, the Duchess of Cornwall wore her black wool slouch crown hat with faux fur brim trim on a day trip to Southend.
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15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Hisako’s hat is intriguing. When blocking a felt on a traditional brim block, the felt will be pulled over the edge of the block and held down with a blocking string in the string groove. After drying and stiffening (or stiffening and drying, depending on the type of stiffener used), the surplus felt normally is cut of. It looks as if here, the surplus felt has been shaped by hand to make an organic looking ruffle. In combination with the graphic design on the crown it results in an unconventional style, which I rather like.

    Thank you for featuring my blue percher Stefanie, and thank you for your kind comments IntriguedByRoyals and MittenMary. So many lovely hats to admire here; let’s hope beauty and creativity will weigh in the balance against all the horrors that are being perpetrated, or the world will be unhinged.

    • Thanks for the explanation of this brim, Wies. It’s a fascinating and unique treatment of a felt brim edge!

      I absolutely love the mix of the veil on your hat with that beautiful blue parasisal. It’s the most exquisite combination.

      And as for admiring hats during a time of war…. I admit that while it it feels incredibly trivial do this in light of the atrocities that are occurring before us, hope is important and some of us find that through beauty and creativity. Royal Hats will continue as usual and I will trust you all to provide feedback should I get the balance wrong.

  2. Mixed review on Hisako’s hat: I really like the patterned crown, but the ruffled underbrim is just too much, especially with the embroidery on the jacket.

    Your cocktail hat is so elegant, Wies. The bow and veil are perfect, and what a pretty shade of blue.

    And I share Intriguedbyroyals’ appreciation for that pillbox.

  3. That pillbox hat is gorgeous! And the bandeaus are beautiful! How wonderful of Anne Tomlin to donate the proceeds from her hat sale to Ukraine. That’s a positive note in an otherwise black time for the world. I love to see everyone pulling together to do what they can to help!

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