Princess Beatrix Opens Museum Wing

Princess Beatrix visited the Singer Laren museum today to open the new Nardinc Rooms housing the private art collection donated by Els Blokker-Verwer (and her late husband Jaap Blokker) in 2018.

Embed from Getty Images

For this event, she repeated a burgundy sinamay stacked bumper hat with large twist on the side.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: Sept 23, 2015

Images from Getty as indicated  

8 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Opens Museum Wing

  1. This hat is so uniquely Beatrix, and she always looks splendid in this style — it suits her hairstyle and the shape of her face so well. I agree with today’s outfit looks much better with the hat than the older appearance that he linked to.

  2. The back view is especially good, with the loop on one side balancing out the diagonals on the left. Splendid color — one of her best.

  3. Princess Beatrix always looks lovely. This hat is a gorgeous colour and suits her so well. I love the all over look of Burgundy as the Princess steps out from her car.

  4. It’s one of Princess Bea’s cake hats. Nobody else wears hats remotely like this, but it’s her look and she looks great, and it’s a nicely put together outfit in lovely colours.

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