This Week’s Extras

Princess Hisako repeated an olive felt hat with pork pie crown and short upturned brim back on March 2 to open a photo exhibit.


Hats on Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar yesterday for their mum’s name day celebration.

Embed from Getty Images
The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

Lovely shot of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar taken while on a family vacation.

Lovely portraits of Princess Adrienne and her siblings shared for her 4th birthday

Images from Getty and social media as indicated 

13 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. So much to admire this week. I particularly like the Stephanie Elizabeth Millinery piece for the way it looks different from all angles. Kudos to Rachel Trevor Morgan and to the auction winner — what a lovely hat.

    And I love Ostentatious Hats as a business name!

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