Cheltenham Festival 2022 Day 1

The first day of this year’s Cheltenham Festival kicked off today with a trio of royal hats. Zara Tindall wore a beautiful plum button beret percher trimmed with a coordinating silk abaca swirl with hand painted gold stripe. Her husband Mike wore a black newsboy cap with curved visor brim.

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Zara’s hat is the standout here- the colour is magnificent and that gold stripe on the silk abaca is a simple touch that elevates the entire look. While this style of hat is one we’ve seen on her many times before, the scale, trim and colour of this one make it standout on its own. We don’t often see royal hats styled with trousers and this ensemble, which is so beautifully balanced, shows how fantastic the look can be when done just right.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill “Silk Abaca Twist Percher” design. Caped coat by Karen Millen. Ensemble styled by Annie Miall. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Zara’s elder brother, Peter, wore a black newsboy cap with button at the top. The combination of cap, Black Watch tartan coat and purple tie works really well!

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Here’s to the return of royal hats at the races!

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8 thoughts on “Cheltenham Festival 2022 Day 1

  1. Fantastic look on Zara. You’re right, styling a hat with trousers often goes wrong (Máxima!) but this is so well pulled together.
    And I love Peter’s coat. Great to see a royal man going a bit more out there, I’ve got a black watch tartan jacket which I love, so I am of course biased!

    • JamesB, I’m wearing my Black Watch Tartan cap today (+/-38 years old) but my BWT trews were accidentally shrunk at the dry cleaners last year(!) so I opted for my darker green suit today. Mrs. Jimbo (nee O’Brien) is wearing her BWT sports jacket, along with all things green for the day of celebrations.

  2. I love the colour and style of Zara’s hat, which goes well with her entire outfit.
    Whilst I can take or leave the mens’ caps, I love that they have gone for a “sporting country gent” look, rather like the chap in blue check in Jake’s slides.

  3. The touch of gold finishes off the plum percher beautifully. Both gentlemen look very sporty in their newsboys.

  4. In the midst of everything else happening, I completely forgot about Cheltenham! What a delightful surprise to get this post today. I always love Cheltenham because we get to see some great fall/winter millinery on display, which I don’t think we get enough of sometimes.

    The gold in this cocktail hat really helps elevate it beyond Zara’s usual IMO, although I would’ve tried to pull out more of the purple tones in the hat’s base if I was choosing the outfit (especially since I’m reminded of one of our fan favorites from 2019 that was a very similar look:

    I like both of the caps on Mike and Peter; I’m glad to see some different styling for Peter with this tartan coat.

    A few other favorite looks from Day 1:
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. A stunning colour on Zara. A lovely example of this style of hat which is almost a signature look for Zara. I love the overall outfit in this gorgeous plum shade.
    I am not a fan of the black newsboy caps in this instance.

  6. Personally would have loved the hat without the gold streak, to me it looks like something Mia could have drawn with glue and glitter. Otherwise a gorgeous color on Zara who wears this style of hat so well.

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