Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 63

In May 1948, Princess Elizabeth was accompanied by her new husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, to France, her first trip outside the Commonwealth and without her parents. The couple are photographed here on May 14 receiving the great cordon of the Legion of Honor and Croix de Guerre. Princess Elizabeth wore a draped hat trimmed with flowers and an exquisite veil.

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6 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 63

  1. Unfortunately, no colour photos emerged after considerable research, however a description has been found. See below.

    Today’s Countdown 63 hat was worn a week before the princess’s trip to Paris.

    May 6, 1948: “Health of People” exhibition
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    The Court Jeweller wrote a very nice article, detailing the clothing and jewelry worn for the trip to France. From the article: The Associated Press reported that “Elizabeth wore a grey coat and white hat,” while Philip “was garbed in naval uniform.” The United Press added that Elizabeth added a “a splash of color to her good will visit with pink and white roses on her hat.”

    Princess Elizabeth must have been fond of this ensemble, since least SIX other times it has been documented:

    May 25, 1948: Oriel College, admiring the mascot turtle.

    June 3, 1948: Epsom
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    June 6, 1948: Wellington Barracks–882266a

    June 15 or 16, 1948: Royal Ascot
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    1948 (undated): Hackney, London, Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children

    March 12, 1949: Coventry and Oxford (BBC video no longer available)

  2. I love this hat on Princess Elizabeth. It may have rather a lot going on but it exudes a joie de vivre. Do we have any idea of the colour?

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