Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 50

On June 17, 1966, Queen Elizabeth wore this striking red ruched pillbox with front bow visor to attend the second test of the Wisden Trophy at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

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10 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 50

  1. Hat #50 may have debuted in Germany the previous year. No colour photos available. On the same trip, HM wore the red hat’s white cousin.

    May, 1965: Germany
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  2. This would be pretty cute without the silly bow visor.I like the red with the navy — it seems to be part of HM’s “uniform” that the hat matches the coat. And JamesB has a good point about the connection to the pink swirl.

  3. I quite like the bow/visor feature. The red/navy combination is very nice.
    August 12, 1966: Euston Station, heading for Balmoral
    Embed from Getty Images

  4. Yes, I’ve definitely never seen this hat before. Most unusual. I love it and I always love navy blue and red. Queen Elizabeth looks so chic.

  5. Well this ones quite something! Love that you are digging out some of the lesser known hats from the back catalogue.
    I really like the colour combo, and the ruching is artfully done. A bow visor though? I think that detail could have been left off.
    This is the Grandmother of the ever popular pink swirl hat.

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