Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 43

During the 1975 state visit to Japan and 1977 Silver Jubilee tour, Queen Elizabeth wore this lilac cloche with rolled brim entirely covered in lilac silk blossoms. It’s a textural statement piece that contrasted with the hats with sleeker lines she was also introducing at the time.

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5 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 43

  1. I wish someone could convince me to like/appreciate this hybrid. The one saving grace is the beautiful color of lavender, though.

  2. After deliberating all morning , I’ve decided I like this unusual ‘hybrid’ hat on Queen Elizabeth. It’s rather fun and I think it tones beautifully with the slightly paler lavender of the coat.

  3. In the 70s, to be honest, I was paying much more attention to the younger royals than to HM. I’m curious about anyone’s opinion here as to whether the Queen was considered to be a fashion trendsetter among women of her own generation, or more just wearing very elegant and well-made versions of whatever happened to be in style at that time?

  4. I think this is a hybrid style too. Most of those floral or ruched hats of the time were brimless, while the brimmed ones were sleeker.
    But I came to a different view from JamesB – I thought the look was light, not heavy, and I really like this hat on HM. I always think brimmed styles become her best, and this colour suits her.

  5. It’s interesting this one, as it’s almost a hybrid of the two styles, the fussiness of the flowers with the simplicity of the shape mimicking a brimmed hat. I’m not sure I like it though, the effect is all rather heavy.

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