Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 38


During the summer of 1980, Queen Elizabeth wore this white bumper hat with navy and cognac trim to the Newbury Races. The punchy colour scheme is a lovely alternate to the usual nautical navy and red!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Image from Getty as indicated  


7 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee Countdown: 38

  1. I think the colours work but not the style of the hat. I find the brimless designs that cut across HM’s forehead, leaving curls of hair to either side less than flattering. Something softer around the face would be better, I feel.

  2. This one is a miss for me. As stated earlier, a brimmed hat would be better, but I’m not even keen on the color combination.

  3. I had to double check the date on this one, it’s much more her kind of early 90s style, and just feels like such a disconnect from anything else she was wearing at this point.
    I don’t mind it, like the colour combo, but I can’t help thinking it’s something Hyacinth Bucket would have worn (although as she models her wardrobe on HM’s that’s making some kind of virtuous circle I guess!)

    • This dress needs a brimmed hat, if that makes sense, it’s just a little too sailor’ish. Anyway, I feel there’s something “off” about this design, I don’t know if it’s too small or it’s the placement on her head. The dress is nice and it is good to see her without a jacket or coat. I also like to see her in darker colours as that’s a rarity.

      Sometimes I wonder if she looks at a hat or an outfit and says to the designer/dresser “Really? Really? Are you having a laugh?” Probably not, I think she’s far too nice and polite. Things also look so different when presented to someone as just a drawing.

  4. Definitely struggling with this one. I just don’t think this style or colour combination is very flattering on Queen Elizabeth.

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