This Week’s Extras

We met a new royal hat wearer this week, young Lilibet, who made her debut in the  ‘Lily’ Lace Bow Headband by Village Baby

On Monday, Members of the Mikasa and Takamado families attended a memorial on the 10th anniversary of Prince Tomohito’s passing.

On Tuesday, Princess Hisako repeated a pale silvery blue brocade bumper hat with calla lily trim on the side for an award ceremony

On Wednesday, Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence presided over the annual  Founder’s Day Parade at Royal Hospital Chelsea.
Embed from Getty Images
On Thursday, the Countess of Wessex repeated her ecru straw hat with mushroom brim trimmed with ecru and black feathers by Jane Taylor while on a visit to Gibraltar
Yesterday, Crown Princess Kiko wore a grey brimmed hat for a memorial in Hiroshima

Queen Mathilde and Queen Sonja wore new hats last week that we’ll look at in greater depth tomorrow.

Did you see Sarah Cant’s beautiful hat, modelled by Zara Tindall? See the comments for more hats that caught my eye this week.

Lovely photos shared by Princess Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett for the announcement of their engagement. Fashion styled by Maggie Alava.

Are you ready?!

Images from social media as indicated 

16 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. So many beautiful hats to look at. Thank you Hat Queen.

    Princess Hisako’s silvery blue brocade hat is very chic.

    And I love the mushroom brimmed ecru hat on Countess of Wessex. It deserves another outing at Ascot.

    The India Hicks video is wonderful. I do hope she wears the pale ivory brimmed hat. Lady Pamela’s memory of past events is incredible.

    The Royal blue and ivory boater is gorgeous.

    The weather forecast for Royal Ascot week is very good.

  2. Great extras this week HQ! My 3 favorites are:
    1. the fuchsia fascinator from Spain – light and airy, perfect this time of year.
    2. the royal blue boater – wonderful saturated color, and delightful pattern.
    3. the tangerine/orange panama sun hat – it should be available in EVERY color!
    Mrs. Jimbo and I attended a wonderful dinner to celebrate a dear Italian couple’s 50th wedding anniversary today at a Maggiano’s Restaurant near us. (Is this a familiar chain, or merely local here in the midwest?) My wife wore a cobalt blue dress and matching small fascinator, I wore a suit and tie, as did the celebrating groom. Guess what . . . we were overdressed, but I think the most appropriately dressed. What would you have worn? The wedding couple were impeccably dressed in dark suit and semi-formal dress.

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