Ascot 2022 Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

And we are off to the races again! The royal carriage procession was led today by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla wore a new hat in a Garbo shape with rounded crown and extended brim. This design has a diagonal pleated straw wrap around the crown and the hat is trimmed with a layered double silk hatband and multi-looped bow with flying pointed tails and a beautiful silk rose with trailing vine of silk leaves.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

We see Camilla in so many sidesweeping brims, it’s a nice change to see an entirely downward facing one. This hat is so beautifully balanced between the elevated crown wrap and bow and the colour is magnificent. It’s exquisite.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  bespoke version of OC-917 from Philip Treacy SS 2022. The silk leaves of the rose were made by Svetlana Faulkner 
Previously Worn:  This hat is new

The Prince of Wales repeated his antique black silk top hat.

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Embed from Getty Images

Let’s get to the hat chat- thoughts about the Duchess’ new hat?

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8 thoughts on “Ascot 2022 Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

  1. Despite it being a similar shade to other recent hats of hers, the design and trim on this one helps make it a standout in the best way possible. My first thought was also how nice it was to see a fully downturned brim on Camilla for something different, and it still is so flattering on her; this demonstrates how well Treacy knows her after all these years, which I think includes creating a higher crown on this one for her since the original design’s crown would be too low for Camilla IMO. The great shade of saturated aqua blue of the outfit is also fantastic; the only change I would make is to exchange her necklace for this one:
    Embed from Getty Images

    Charles is in fine form with his black top hat and grey morning suit.

  2. Usually Camilla’s hats don’t impress me much: they just seems like repeats of the same style. This one, however, is a standout. Lovely trim and exquisite color.

  3. Beautiful! Still recognizably Camilla (& Treacy) but different enough from what is already in her wardrobe to be fresh. Chaz always looks impeccable.

  4. This is a fabulous colour combo on Camilla, and a nice break from her usual creams for summer. The hat is really lovely, and as you say a nice departure.

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  6. I totally agree. Lovely to see The Duchess of Cornwall in a new hat for the first day of Royal Ascot. This hat is a gorgeous colour, shape and size. Everything about it is perfect. Fabulous!

    The Prince of Wales always looks impeccable on these occasions. His antique black silk Top Hat complimented by his tie, tie pin, handkerchief and Union Jack cufflinks.

  7. It’s a beautiful shape for Camilla, and an even lovelier colour. I wish I could see it in person in the sunlight – I’m sure that light aqua is stunning on her. I’m also a fan of Charles’s antique silk top hat. Is that a “shoe” print on his tie?

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