This Week’s Extras

Princess Anne was in full uniform with very smart hat to celebrate St John Ambulance Cadets’ centenary last week.

She also repeated a navy hat with striped hatband for a garden party at Hillsborough Castle

Wimbledon saw a few royal hats (and a royal visor!) this week.
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images
Lovely hats at the wedding of Stephanie Phillips yesterday (she is the younger sister of Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall). Zara wore a blue sinamay button with white windowpane sinamay flying bow by Camilla Rose. Princess Anne repeated an elegant ivory sinamay hat with sidesweeping brim, sloped crown, layered pleated hatband and feather spray. Lindsay Wallace wore a pink silk floral headpiece with swath of net veil and Autumn Phillips wore a lilac sinamay button percher with silk ruffle trim by Bee Smith. Savannah and Isla Phillips and Mia and Lena Tindall were all bridesmaids.

Have you seen the Liberty London silk scarf printed with drawings of 70 of her hats, released for her Platinum Jubilee? I’m not a scarf wearer but I might need this one… It’s for sale here. 

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week (see the comments for more):

Lovely photo of the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester released for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Sweet new snap of Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and their sweet trio of princes

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29 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I was just starting to wonder the same thing myself. I follow Jake somewhere else — Instagram, I think. If he doesn’t see this, I’ll contact him there, he might know.

  2. HQ,
    are you out there? It’s been over two weeks since we’ve heard from you, and I hope everything is all right. Perhaps a well deserved holiday.

  3. So many hats to look at. Fabulous!

    The Phillips wedding was a lovely surprise. And I too give my vote to Autumn Phillips. For once I wasn’t too keen on Zara’s hat.

    Sun hats of all shapes and sizes selling out here in the UK.

    My Platinum Jubilee ‘hat scarf’ is due to be delivered this afternoon. I’m very excited.

  4. I can see why Chris Mullane’s design won an award. Love the sharp graphic look. Great fedora by Louise Pocock.

    Good to see Kate in a wide-brimmed hat, even a casual one.

    Autumn’s is my favorite of the Phillips wedding hats, mostly due to the ombré ruffle trip.

    I’m with you on the Liberty hat scarf, HQ! Kudos to the designer for capturing the hats so accurately, but making the design cohesive. Wouldn’t it be meta (and cheeky) for HM to wear it?

    Great photos of Carl Phillip and family and the Gloucesters. Fun to see how the Duchess pulled her glasses off for the photo — that’s what I would do, too.

  5. I’m joining the chorus to sing praises for Kate’s sun hat! That brim with its wave framed her face so well, and the whole outfit was spectacular. More of this please!!

    I’m glad Anne & Co. have all been able to find a way to continue being together in various ways despite breakups and apparently work intentionally to blend families, demonstrating divorce, relationships ending, etc. doesn’t always have to be nasty. But coming from a household where my parents’ divorce was not pretty, I nevertheless feel weird and always a bit in disbelief in that such amiability exists in these situations (there’s a lot of my natural pessimism to blame for my feelings as well haha). At the very least, I’m grateful we got some good hats from this wedding!

  6. Kate’s sunhat is wonderful. Is it me, or does the wedding couple look YOUNG? (I was 25 when I got married ages ago, before photography was invented, so I can’t look back to compare. Ha ha) Almost all the hats on the headscarf are recognizable – a cool way of celebrating HM’s 70th! Seeing the family photo of Prince Carl Philip, my mother would have said it’s a crime to be so good looking. (Again, Ha ha)
    Great selection of extras this week in the comments. The fedora caught my eye, and the shallow boater is very nice. The construction of the Lomaxandskinner pillbox is more interesting than the final product.

  7. The wedding hats were all very nice, although the brown check of Anne’s outfit didn’t seem very festive – but then she wouldn’t want to compete with the bride’s mother Sandy.

    Although only a standard sunhat, Catherine Cambridge looked lovely in her straw at Wimbledon.

  8. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester! Kate looked amazing in that straw hat and yellow dress! Love the Lomaxandmiller blue pillbox hat and the millineryjill purple feathered hat!

  9. Lovely to see everyone in such a complicated family present and looking happy for a family wedding! Lindsay Wallace smiling happily here – it’s a hard adjustment to be photographed all the time – and I think from her constant presence at events this summer that there will be another wedding soon. Quick note – Stephanie Phillips is Peter and Zara’s half sister, not their step sister. They all have the same father. I was amused by the Princess Royal attending too in a nice embrace of her role as a kind of de facto stepmother to Stephanie. (Zara did slip here to something she is occasionally vulnerable to I think ie wearing a dress that’s one size too small.)

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